How to Make A DIY Flogger

How To Make A Diy Flogger

How to Make A DIY Flogger

If you aren’t ready to splash down on a BDSM flogger, don’t have admission to one, or perhaps you, just like me, simply love a great art task, you’re in the best destination!

This is a DIY guide how to allow you to be very own Flogger.

While DIY floggers could be made from a myriad of materials according to just how good or nasty or perhaps you want to be, today we’ll be making a flogger from parachute cord. It is inexpensive and simple to find at most hardware or art shops.

We may also make a DIY flogger from fabric or vegan leather-based, based on your requirements.

I’ve kept the materials as low priced and straightforward as feasible and certainly will recommend substitutions on the way, just in case you can’t realize that specific item.

Floggers are great for many forms of feelings, from a teasing tickle right up to a stinging slap.

Not to mention the emotional excitement included for both events can definitely atart exercising . spice to your BDSM play.

They are a fantastic device for newbies and advanced level BDSMers alike and are presented in a fantastic selection of materials and designs.

Happy Crafting!

How To Make A Diy Flogger

DIY Flogger from Paracord

How To Make A Diy Flogger

This very first DIY had been encouraged by the nice post by Paracord Guild, with some alterations that i believe made things just a little simpler for the not knot-savvy, myself included!


  • Wood or steel ring (steel band from a keyring would additionally work nicely)
  • Paracord
  • Thin cord or electrical tape
  • Scissors
  • Textile glue
How To Make A Diy Flogger

How To Make a Flogger from Paracord:

  1. Cut seven lengths of paracord, each one of these measuring 52 inches.
  2. Loop them during your wooden or metal loop so the loop is within the center of cords.
How To Make A Diy Flogger

3. Use a thin cable or electric tape to gather the paracord and connect it tightly as close you are able to to the cycle. It helps to stick your loop to the dining table, so that you have actually your hands free.

How To Make A Diy Flogger

4. Continue to wrap the cable or electric tape tightly across the cords to result in the handle. We made mine about 7 ins, you could allow it to be whatever size fits your hand — one of many joys of creating your very own! You want to keep it good and tight to give your handle a very good core.

How To Make A Diy Flogger

5. Next we shall result in the handle stronger and just a little easier regarding the eyes by utilizing a few of the staying paracord to cover it. You will require cut two 60 cm lengths of paracord.

6. Line your two lengths of paracord up in order to find the center. Line the center of the 2 lengths up behind the core of this handle, close to your wooden or metal cycle.

How To Make A Diy Flogger

7. Cross the top right strand throughout the front side of this handle to the remaining side, then get across the top left strand on the top right. Next, just take the strand that is currently over the top regarding the right part and get across it throughout the remaining part. Then, cross the strand over the top regarding the remaining part and get across it over to the best part, going involving the two other strands regarding the left. It should seem like into the photo.

How To Make A Diy Flogger

8. The pattern will now duplicate. Take the most notable strand on the left, put it across the straight back of this handle, then in involving the two strands regarding the right. Next, just take the most notable strand regarding the right, put it across the straight back of this handle and involving the two strands regarding the left.

DIY Flogger GIF(1)

9. Keep going and soon you reach the underside then connect the ends. We tied one regarding the front side and something regarding the back to keep an even complete. We additionally included just a little textile glue to each knot for security and melted the ends of this paracord with a lighter — be mindful though!

How To Make A Diy Flogger

10. Next, we’re going to hide the conclusion with a gathering knot. Take around 60 cm of paracord and form a loop at one end and line it the bottom end of your handle.

How To Make A Diy Flogger

11. Start wrapping the long end across the handle to cover the free ends — approximately 8 times but whatever appears good to you. When you might be pleased, pass the conclusion through the cycle you built in action 9. Then you are able to pull the conclusion towards the top of the cycle (the main one you had been no longer working with) to pull the working end through.

How To Make A Diy Flogger
How To Make A Diy Flogger

12. Trim the ends and melt them somewhat utilizing a lighter to prevent them from fraying.

How To Make A Diy Flogger

13. The final step is to complete the ends. At the conclusion of each and every autumn (strand) of this flogger, connect one dual overhand knot close to the conclusion — this might be a regular knot however you pass the conclusion through the cycle twice rather than when then tighten up to make a neat knot.

14. The final step is to supply the ends just a little trim to neaten every thing up and then you’re prepared to get try out your brand-new flogger! It had been a large hit at the office!

How to Make a DIY Flogger of Leather (or Faux Leather)

How To Make A Diy Flogger

This next DIY is ideal if you value the appearance or feel of leather-based. This is a leather flogger with increased falls compared to the paracord flogger, offering an even more thuddy thwack. Plus, it is additionally just a little less technical to make!


  • 50 x 20 ins of leather-based or fake leather-based
  • Chalk or pen to mark the leather
  • Wooden stick for the core of this handle — approx. 8 ins (we utilized a disposable chopstick)
  • Ruler
  • Fabric glue (one that’s appropriate leather/fake leather-based)
  • Scissors or rotary cutter and cutting board
How To Make A Diy Flogger
  1. Lay your textile out flat, and cut fully out a 20 x 24 inch rectangle. Measure the size of your wood stick for the handle and make use of this dimension to make a mark on both 20 inches edges. Connect the markings to mark from the area for the handle.
How To Make A Diy Flogger

2. On one other part of the textile, mark straight lines of 0.5 ins over the 24-inch part — these would be the falls for the flogger. Cut across the lines and soon you reach the line you built in the very first step.

How To Make A Diy Flogger

3. Apply textile glue to the handle part of the textile. Make certain to stick to the guidelines in your textile glue since many will require to be kept for 3-4 to become tacky. You may also desire to repeat this outside — unfortuitously for my peers, we discovered this far too late and subjected them all to some pretty awful glue fumes!

How To Make A Diy Flogger
How To Make A Diy Flogger

4. When the glue is prepared, put your wood stick at one end and begin to roll the textile, trying to keep the edges right.

How To Make A Diy Flogger

5. Trace across the end of one’s handle and draw a more impressive group (approx. inches larger on all edges) around it, and mark out lines through the out group to the internal group. Cut across the exterior circle and cut across the lines to create flaps. Cover the internal groups and flaps with glue and permit the glue to become tacky. Place the group throughout the end of one’s handle, press down the flaps, and hold tightly although the glue sets.

How To Make A Diy Flogger
How To Make A Diy Flogger

6. Cut a strip of textile 50 ins x 0.5 ins and apply glue to initial few ins. Once the glue is tacky, put the conclusion across the the surface of the handle then keep wrapping the textile across the handle, extending the textile somewhat while you get to keep it tight. When you are close to reaching the falls of this flogger, use some more glue to the previous couple of ins and put it tightly across the end to finish the flogger!

How To Make A Diy Flogger

And there you have got your leather-based flogger prepared to go!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: We don’t suggest making your very own adult sex toys and always advise that you buy purpose-made sex toys from an established store. We have been in no chance in charge of any damage triggered due to the utilization or sharing of the DIYs. You are 100% in charge of the end result if you undertake to make your very own adult sex toys.

Not Feeling Crafty? Here Are Some Fab Floggers to Choose From!

If you would like the enjoyable of flogging minus the work of creating your very own, there are lots of fantastic BDSM whips to pick from!

How To Make A Diy Flogger

Bondage Boutique Black Rose Beginner’s Flogger

This faux leather-based flogger is an excellent option for newcomers. The 44 fronds are ideal for effect play, nonetheless sexy or good you need to be!

How To Make A Diy Flogger

DOMINIX Deluxe Leather and PVC Flogger

This red devil of a flogger combines strands of leather-based and PVC for hits that will are priced between a tingling tickle to quite the sting.

How To Make A Diy Flogger

Sportsheets Saffron Faux Leather Braided Flogger

This braided flogger is certainly one for the greater amount of experienced floggers available to you. The braided strands atart exercising . fat to this floggers energy whilst the pointed recommendations atart exercising . severe sting to each attack.

Flogger Safety

  • Practice your abilities on a pillow or sofa before flogging another person
  • Always establish boundaries and a safe term prior to starting
  • Only practice flogging whenever everyone else included is safe, sane, sober and consenting
  • Do not utilize the flogger regarding the face/head, throughout the organs or on bones and bones
  • Stick to meaty areas such as the buttocks, but be mindful to prevent the spine and coccyx
  • Try to steer clear of the tails of one’s flogger wrapping across the recipients human body, by choosing the proper distance through the floggee, as this is painful

How to Use a Flogger

  • Start away with long shots throughout the human body to have the floggee heated up and utilized to the impression. This can be great for building expectation!
  • Move on to some light strokes on a meaty area such as the buttocks (make certain to prevent the coccyx)
  • If desired, gradually develop the strength to stronger hits, making certain to sign in because of the floggee while you get
  • Don’t your investment afterplay! Rub cream in the flogee’s epidermis, snuggle, and possess one thing to drink and eat

How To Make A Diy Flogger

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