Is TooTimid Packaging Discreet? From Shopping to Shipping, Is TooTimid a Safe Sex Toy Site?

Is Tootimid Packaging Discreet? From Shopping To Shipping, Is Tootimid A Safe Sex Toy Site?

Is TooTimid Packaging Discreet? From Shopping to Shipping, Is TooTimid a Safe Sex Toy Site?

Is TooTimid packaging discreet?

That may be the concern we have all whenever buying adult toys from any online retailer.

After all, who desires the mail provider to understand exactly about your intimate life, love for big dildos and floggers?

Therefore, at BedBible, we wish you to feel at ease with every purchase you make by yourself, or through our website.

So, we ordered one thing from TooTimid in an effort to answer fully the question, “Is TooTimid packaging discreet?” in addition to responding to extra concerns and issues you have when ordering a adult toy from their company.

Is TooTimid packaging discreet?

Is Ordering Sex Toys from TooTimid Safe?

With a huge selection of adult toy internet sites available to you, it is normal to wonder, is buying adult toys from TooTimid safe?

We all ask that about every business!

That is, until we establish a retail relationship and understand, by experience. However, our company is responding to those concerns FOR YOU PERSONALLY therefore you don’t have to learn by experience. We’re using the proverbial bullet for you.

Plus, ordering from a brand new online store will expand your adult toy alternatives and that knows, you may possibly simply find your go-to, sex model provider!

So, is buying adult toys from TooTimid secure?

In my estimation, definitely!

From shopping to delivery, my experience with TooTimid was a enjoyable one. However, we did get one anxiety about my purchase which will be one thing i believe shoppers should know and that we have actually provided below.

It wasn’t a deal-breaker for me personally, and ideally, it won’t be for you.

Is Tootimid Packaging Discreet? From Shopping To Shipping, Is Tootimid A Safe Sex Toy Site?

About TooTimid

Is TooTimid packaging discreet?

TooTimid has existed for almost 22 years.

Established as a brick-and-mortar shop in 2000, they will have taken and expanded their show online. I enjoy TooTimid’s objective! From their website:

“To the bashful individual who blushes during the concept of walking into a adult toy store: TooTimid sees you. You’re the reason we’re here.

There’s no need to feel bashful when you store with us. We pride ourselves on producing a safe area that’s free from judgment and prioritizes privacy. Ours is a one-stop-shop focused on top-quality adult services and products delivered discreetly, along side intercourse training, sensational customer support, and client privacy.

Our objective is to boost your sex-life and assistance you begin to feel much more comfortable checking out your sex while tilting in to the realm of adult toys.”

They additionally pride on their own on inclusion – something which is BedBible’s core belief – along with intimate health insurance and general intimate satisfaction.

A woman-run company, TooTimid is focused on discernment and client pleasure. They offer everyting from intercourse machines to Penis Pumps not to mention male and female adult toys atlanta divorce attorneys form and size.

Is TooTimid a Safe Website?

Before we also have to the most crucial part of buying adult toys – is TooTimid packaging discreet – we truly need to discuss the security of the site.

While shopping regarding the TooTimid site, we saw the all-important lock on my web browser, ensuring my browsing and check-out will be safe. As far whilst the website design it self, it had been simple to navigate with thorough, drop-down listings along with being simple regarding the eyes with softer colors and good images.

In other terms, i did son’t want to bath after shopping at TooTimid.

So, is TooTimid a safe site? This gal says yes!

Is Tootimid Packaging Discreet? From Shopping To Shipping, Is Tootimid A Safe Sex Toy Site?

Does TooTimid Offer Specials?

Is TooTimid packaging discreet?

If you’re a discount shopper, just like me, you’re most likely asking if TooTimid provides deals. And such as the the greater part of popular adult toy merchants, TooTimid provides a broad selection of deals. For example:

  • A free adult toy advertising (with a minimum $9 purchase)
  • per cent Off product sales
  • Customer loyalty system – secure points to money in for TooTimid present cards
  • Free shipping for sales over $59
  • A approval part
  • Promotional codes

And simply so that you understand, the free adult toy advertising does add your selection of the waterproof bunny dildo, a bunny bullet dildo or a fleshy, male masturbator. So, that special is not just for vulva owners!

Does TooTimid Sell Good Sex Toys?

Not just may be the concern, is TooTimid packaging discreet, essential but responding to issue, “Does TooTimid sell good sex toys?” is vital. In the occasions of fake services and products, fake silicone and dangerous materials sliding through, once you understand the standard of adult toys is more essential than it ever happens to be.

TooTimid offers good adult toys. No, they don’t carry a few of the luxury brands we now have evaluated on BedBible, nevertheless they do carry the affordable California Exotics adult toy line in addition to B.O.B Pink, Satisfyer, Womanizer and Pipe Dream brands, amongst others. So, their website is excellent spot for many spending plans. But, exactly how well does TooTimid describe their products or services?

Too Timid Sex Toy Descriptions

TooTimid’s adult toy explanations are really thorough! They consist of all the materials that went into making each item in addition to features, settings and much more. Plus, they will have customer-created reviews for each web page to assist you along in your adult toy choice making.

What Are TooTimid Payment Options?

This is where TooTimid excels above many adult toy stores. As I became looking at with my purchase, we realized that TooTimid has repayment choices for almost every customer. Not just do they accept charge cards and show checkout with PayPal and Amazon, I became happy to see these extra repayment options:

  • CC
  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Dogecoin
  • Bitpay
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Venmo
  • Coinbase Commerce

Although we don’t make use of these kinds of repayments, we understand they’ve been becoming very popular, therefore checking the entranceway to more purchasers. However, with a few things priced above a few hundred dollars, I became disappointed which they don’t offer Afterpay or Klarna.

Is Tootimid Packaging Discreet? From Shopping To Shipping, Is Tootimid A Safe Sex Toy Site?

What Type of Shipping Does TooTimid Offer?

Is TooTimid packaging discreet? What shipping options does TooTimid offer?

Before the all-important, is TooTimid packaging discreet, concern, it is essential to understand how their adult items are delivered. I am talking about, all of us hate being gouged in regards to to shipping expenses! Therefore, in checking away TooTimid’s delivery options, I became a wee bit disappointed.

They just offer 3 shipping choices. First, you should use USPS Express delivery which will be a 4-7 business day turnaround for $8.95. Okay, 4-7 company times just isn’t considered Express, that’s simply regular, snail mail, sluggish ship delivery. Secondly, they feature FedEx 2-day for $19.95. And finally, if you’d like your items super-fast, they feature FedEx Next Day for $34.95.

In conclusion, I’m perhaps not sure those options derive from everything you purchase or just a flat price. Either means, it is a little more high priced than a large amount of stores, however for their selection and discernment, personally i think it is worth the few additional dollars. Plus, don’t forget that one can nix the delivery costs altogether if the purchase is finished $59!

Is There Anything to Be Aware of Upon Checkout?

Ah, the dreaded and sneaky check-out, where numerous online businesses like to sneak in pre-checked containers for newsletters as well as other things. But is TooTimid’s checkout secure?

To be 100% truthful, we cannot keep in mind in the event that publication field ended up being pre-checked (therefore make sure and look for that after you select to store using them) but i know this…. I became BOMBARDED by e-mails instantly. More on that below.

But just what actually shocked me was the Norton security!

TooTimid’s Norton Protection on Every Purchase

Surprise! TooTimid takes security beyond the normal, “Is TooTimid’s packaging discreet?” and provides you, totally free, Norton purchase security! The security includes $10,000 identification theft security, $1,000 purchase guarantee and a cheapest cost guarantee, meaning, if TooTimid falls the buying price of the item you ordered within 1 month, it is possible to claim up to $100 from Norton.

Now you’ve got the solution to issue, “Is it safe to order sex toys from TooTimid?”

I not merely felt that TooTimid was safe, we felt safe far above just what most all sites offer. Bravo TooTimid!

Where Do TooTimid Emails Come From?

Once you put your purchase with TooTimid, where do the e-mails result from? If you have got anxiety over somebody reading your e-mails, then this is certainly a significant part of buying adult sex toys online. Unfortunately, TooTimid sends e-mails under their title. However, that’s typical for many all adult item businesses.

My recommendation is to enter your e-mail connections, accept TooTimid as a trusted transmitter and just replace the name to one thing you’ll keep in mind it isn’t the title of a adult toy store. Then, you’ll not bother about some body seeing a contact from TooTimid and once you understand your entire individual business.

Will TooTimid Spam Me?

Is TooTimid packaging discreet? Will TooTimid spam me?

Yes, TooTimid will definitely spam you in the event that you don’t uncheck the publication membership field. On your day of my purchase, i obtained 4 e-mails. A few times later on, I became informed that my package had delivered and got another e-mail the afternoon it had been regarding the mail vehicle for delivery and a third e-mail the next my package had been delivered.

I didn’t even begin to see the mail provider!

However, in between, how many e-mails from Angela @TooTimid ended up being staggering and significantly more than a small inconvenient! It ended up being like this cool woman you came across during the club which you thought could be a great addition to your relationship group. Then, you immediately be sorry. It ended up being like that.

Some times, I would personally get 4 e-mails, some times I would personally get 1.

So, if you’re perhaps not satisfied with exorbitant e-mails, don’t indication up and appearance very carefully for that field at checkout.

How Do TooTimid Charges Show Up on My Billing Statement?

How does TooTimid show up on my billing statement?

In preserving their discreet policies, TooTimid tells you, at checkout, to expect costs and shipping from Atlantic Innovations. And as expected, the costs revealed on my PayPal debit card as a result while the title turned up once more on my packaging. No unknown, random names or packages from an unknown company.

Thanks, TooTimid!

Delivery; Is TooTimid Packaging Discreet?

Is TooTimid packaging discreet?

Now for the clear answer to probably the most asked question of any adult toy retailer online; “Is TooTimid packaging discreet?”

Considering they base their whole business regarding the premise of discernment and privacy, you’ll think the TooTimid packaging will be because discreet as you can. And it was…. to an extent. Let me explain further.

My package arrived in a ordinary, bubble place envelope. The return target ended up being from Atlantic Innovations, LLC. So, the fundamentals of discernment are there. However, we physically dislike manila bubble mailers since they are perhaps not protected and so they don’t protect those items inside up to a sturdy, cardboard box.

Additionally, my package ended up being torn regarding the part. And yes, in the event that you stuck your hand within the opening and peeked in, you’d clearly observe that the perverted woman within my target ordered a travel-size, air-pulse, clitoral stimulator.

Is TooTimid packaging discreet?

That’s me personally, in addition.

Further, the target label taken off seamlessly, which will will be fine. However, the envelope ended up being sealed (perhaps not well), folded in two and held set up by the not-sticky-enough-label. Fortunately, my package stayed together and attained my spot, unscathed, although my mail provider most likely understands the things I like to do within my personal time due to the opening within the part for the envelope.

So, is TooTimid packaging discreet? Yes, no body will understand from who your package will be delivered. However, i might love to see them make use of cardboard packaging to ensure further discernment and to prevent harm of this services and products ordered.

Inside the Package; Is TooTimid a Discreet Company?

Is TooTimid packaging discreet? Inside the package.

Is TooTimid packaging discreet inside? Basically, could it be safe to start up and peek in with little eyes within the space? Just similar to adult toy purchases, as soon as that package is available, all ideals of discernment head out the screen.

Inside my less-than-secure, bubble mailer (yes, I have always been nevertheless salty) ended up being my item, a simple receipt with Atlantic Innovations, LLC once the return target but the TooTimid logo design regarding the right along with their contact information. It included my title and mailing information, the item information, a reminder that the costs come from Atlantic Innovations and ….

Oh, btw. I ordered a clitoris sucker – the Satisfyer Pro Traveler Air Pulse Stimulator. Satisfyer has some amazingly low priced and great services and products available like their insanely popular Satisfyer Pro 2.

Who’s Kaitlin?

“Packed with care by Kaitlin, who loves to go Kayaking!” This ended up being stamped, in red, regarding the base of my receipt.

Good for you personally, Kaitlin! You understand what I like to masturbate with and I have Kayaking from you? Plus, a manila bubble mailer? Sorry, that’s a little unfair, don’t you imagine?

Naked Kayaking, I really could see.

Kayaking before settling down with a 12” silicone dong and a container of anal lube, that’s a bit more fair.

If you’re going to share, let’s possess some equality right here!

In all severe, BedBible visitors, i discovered the stamp a bit refreshing plus it made me smile. It was a individual touch you simply don’t see anymore these days. Although, deeply down, i believe Kaitlin should spill her adult toy loves.

More regarding the Inside

Finally, I received a thank-you that included a discount rule for 20per cent off my next purchase along side some guidelines for suggested basics like lube, adult toy cleanser and adult toy storage space bags. That’s a great add-on as it is a reminder of the essential small add-ons you oftentimes forget. The voucher ended up being free from any nudity or adult content, therefore followed to TooTimid’s discreet policies.

Overall, Is TooTimid Packaging Discreet and Is TooTimid a Safe Sex Toy Site?

Overall, is TooTimid packaging discreet? Is TooTimid a safe adult toy website?

Yes, and yes!

TooTimid has a great number of adult toys to pick from, including higher-tier choices like LELO, We-Vibe, and Fleshlight in addition to discount brands. They state their business is launched on being discreet and catering to the adult toy shy, also it definitely comes through inside their packaging, Norton guarantee, website guarantee and alternative title for costs.

However, be mindful of becoming a member of their newsletters or Angela will spam you with every advertising, purchase and brand new item along with several things you almost certainly don’t need or desire to understand. You will likely be frustrated within a time or two and hitting that UNSUBSCRIBE website link.

In the finish, we give TooTimid high markings throughout! Therefore, we believe it is an exceptionally safe spot from where to search for the adult toys you would like many! So, dear visitors, get shopping!

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