What is Sensory Play During Sex?

What Is Sensory Play During Sex?

What is Sensory Play During Intercourse?

The Best Sexy Playlists for Every Type of Sex


Sensuality is a big element of pleasing intercourse. Attracting the five sensory faculties (style, touch, odor, hearing, and eyesight) with smells, designs, visuals, sexy songs, plus could be the secret to a volatile intimate knowledge. 

Domination and distribution can, for most people — also people who think about by themselves to-be regarding even more “vanilla” end of perverted spectrum– add a fantastic factor to intimate activities.

So what goes on whenever you bring sensuality and domination collectively? You obtain physical play (aka feeling play). These days we’re gonna take a good look at physical play and find out quite by what it is, exactly how it can be utilized intimately, and just how you can look at it your self. Keep reading to see just what physical play can perform for the sex-life!

What is Sensory Play?

Sensory play (or feeling play) is an umbrella term that pertains to many activities– both perverted and awesome tame —  which use actual feeling to ignite sexual satisfaction. Are you acquainted orgasm denial or a forced climax? Sensory play could be one of several ways to manage climax of the companion.  that will seem funny because is not all intercourse about actual feelings that creates enjoyment? The real difference right here is that physical play has actually a lot more of a focus on specific sensory faculties and may be useful in accumulating enjoyable stress and sexy expectation.

Sensory play can include simple or mild items that attract one’s sensuality, like candles, rose petals, silk scarf, feathers, or ice. It may point toward the kinkier part with whips, floggers, Wartenberg pinwheels, electrostimulation, plus to trigger sexual arousal.

The main distinction between physical play in a BDSM framework is so it might possess some role-playing or restraints in addition to feelings getting used by a dominant companion as a punishment or incentive.

What your physical play requires is totally your responsibility but realize anywhere you land regarding scale from “super vanilla to BDSM aficionado,” there is one thing (and most likely a number of things) you are able to do to try out physical play. 

How Is Sensory starvation Pre-owned During Intercourse?

So physical or feeling play really can include including feelings that attract the sensory faculties exactly what about sensory starvation play in which you just take one (or maybe more) of sensory faculties out from the equation?

That may appear overwhelming, however, if you’ve previously utilized a blindfold whenever getting hectic, you’ve got currently involved with physical starvation during intercourse! Sight is a really well-known option regarding sensory starvation play since it’s both very easy to disable and enables the companion regarding getting end to allow their particular imagination operate crazy as they can’t in fact see what’s taking place.

It is enjoyable to blindfold someone and employ executes of various forms and designs to swing your partners body. Furthermore, feeding a blindfolded companion selection of various tasting products is a vintage kind of physical play that features physical starvation. Some believe whenever you eliminate someone’s capability to see, their particular various other sensory faculties tend to be “heightened.” While the jury is however away thereon, many studies that tastes tend to be more intense and feelings shaper when they’re blindfolded.

If you and your spouse enjoy physical starvation, you are able to have fun with depriving one another of numerous sensory faculties — maybe utilize a blindfold as they tend to be restrained to allow them to neither see nor touch– and explore the way the continuing to be sensory faculties modification. 


How Have you got Sensory Intercourse?

Employing various methods to attract the various sensory faculties could make for awesome foreplay nonetheless it also can offer generate a richer, further, improved intimate knowledge. That’ sright, physical play could make your intercourse better still! Therefore, how-do-you-do it? Great concern! Let’s evaluate some various physical intercourse practices. I’ve damaged all of them straight down predicated on which good sense they attract. Give it a look!


Food and intercourse have actually a relationship that goes means, long ago. How long straight back? Really, the old kama sutra includes supplying meals to one’s companion included in the seduction ritual! It is possible to give all of them with your hands or provide some delicious delights to-be consumed from the human anatomy. Chocolate and fresh fruits tend to be classics, however, if you wish to attract taste rather than exposure getting meals every-where, discover flavored lubricants. There are plenty various kinds currently available that one can make a veritable buffet of slippery material!


Much of intercourse is grounded contact anyhow, why perhaps not have fun with making the touch feeling quite richer? Therapeutic massage is a good starting point, and, honestly, therapeutic massage frequently gets short-changed inside our battle to intercourse, therefore rather than leaping straight to genitals, try out a gentle head therapeutic massage or working your fingernails along their particular epidermis. If you need your feelings to-be much more intense, take to some effect play or electrostimulation. Should you want to ensure that it it is awesome mild, use a silk scarf to carefully caress your partner’s human anatomy. You can also utilize bedding with a number of textures–satin and velvet is a great combo– to relax and play toward feeling of touch. 


Our feeling of odor is therefore effective and there are plenty methods for you to attract it. From perfumes, essential oils, and creams with yummy fragrances to scented candle lights or gas diffusers. Whether you need one thing nice like vanilla, one thing soothing like lavender, or something like that sexy like sandalwood, you can find fragrances for nearly every choice. To produce your perfect vibe, try out various fragrances and differing combinations.


Two terms: intercourse playlist. Make a mixture that establishes the feeling you need. Whether or not it is tender and enchanting, sexy with a robust beat, or high-energy, songs can significantly help to making and keeping your perfect state of mind. Aside from songs, the noises we make during sex can be extremely stimulating. Whispers, moans, sighs, and dirty talk are element of your sexy aural tapestry therefore avoid being afraid which will make some sound.


From decor alternatives like utilizing sexy colors (deep wealthy reds and purples are excellent alternatives) sexy reasonable illumination, and candle lights to putting on a costume in an attractive ensemble you realize will drive your lover crazy, there are several techniques to develop a visually stimulating environment. In the event that you genuinely wish to have fun with stimulating visuals, browse some sexy pictures and movies collectively, maybe picking things you’d choose to take to collectively.

As you can view, you’ve got a lot of alternatives for integrating physical play to your sex-life. It is possible to blend and match and select your preferences. Make sure you remain conscious of the strength of the feeling stimulation, however. You want to attract the sensory faculties, perhaps not assault all of them


Tools For Sensory Sex

For many feeling play, you don’t have to purchase anything– material ice, silk scarfs, and scented candle lights can typically be within numerous domiciles. Having said that, you will find loads of enjoyable resources and add-ons around to select from! Listed here are two things you should think about.

  • A blindfold
  • Bondage Gear: light restraints or cuffs, perhaps some line. You have got so several choices
  • Texture Tools: an extended feather or some fur… truly, whatever appears like it might feel great from the epidermis.
  • Therapeutic massage candle lights: (NOTE: therapeutic massage candle lights melt at reasonable conditions making all of them safe for therapeutic massage. Kindly never make an effort to utilize regular home candle lights for therapeutic massage)
  • Underwear or dress-up Gear: when your artistic sexual stimulation program requires a closet, there is a lot of enjoyable material to select from.
  • Bonus toys: This is in which things like electrostimulation equipment, Wartenberg tires, floggers, whips, plus come right into the image. Browse around and discover the sex toy that seem advisable that you you.


in terms of resources and toys for physical play, really the only restrictions tend to be security as well as your imagination! With regards to’s time for you to play always have actually all you need on prepared. In the event that you intend on utilizing restraints or influence toys, be additional particular you’ve got an idea for in case the companion wants to finish the scene (a safeword is usually a good concept) or you must rapidly launch all of them from restraints (have a very good set of security shears readily available). 

Things to consider About Sensory Sex

So physical intercourse appears like a very good time, right? It definitely is, but you can find two things you wish to consider to ensure every person remains safe and has now enjoyable.

Consent: As with any intercourse, permission is crucial to effective physical play. What this means is examining in before you decide to blindfold somebody or give all of them material. Not surprising someone using the unexpected look of a whip. Check-in to see in the event that thing you wish to have fun with noises advisable that you all of them, and take their particular “no” graciously.

Overwhelm: For a few individuals, particularly the painful and sensitive in our midst, physical stimulation is daunting. In the event that you or your lover becomes overrun, it is constantly ok to prevent. It is also beneficial to concentrate on one good sense at any given time in the place of using a multifaceted method.

Aftercare: Sensory play may possibly not be since intense since many BDSM tasks (though it definitely is!) nonetheless it can certainly still be literally and emotionally exhausting. Even although you feel good, it is best if you register together with your companion once you perform. Some aftercare can significantly help.

There are countless techniques for people to deepen our intimate contacts, enhance intimacy, and improve our sexual pleasure, and physical play is usually probably the most obtainable. Furthermore, the wondering, it could be a good way to drop a toe when you look at the BDSM seas. Therefore, if it appears attractive, test it out for! Perhaps the simplest physical play can add on a lot of additional enjoyment and pleasure towards sex-life.

If you wish to explore physical play, PinkCherry’s got countless adult adult sex toys, lube, props plus to assist you attract your entire sensory faculties. 


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