We-Vibe Tango X vs We-Vibe Touch

We-vibe Tango X Vs We-vibe Touch

We-Vibe Tango X vs We-Vibe Touch

Get prepared, because two mini yet mighty vibrators are planning to get head-to-head in a battle of this buzz! That’s right, it is time for the We-Vibe Tango X vs We-Vibe Touch.

We-Vibe is well-known for their top-quality adult toys, therefore we’ve taken two of this biggest vendors and stacked them against one another in an in-depth contrast. Both toys happen tried and tested and evaluated to help you read precisely how they perform and measure. Get willing to rumble!

We-Vibe Tango X

We-vibe Tango X Vs We-vibe Touch
We-vibe Tango X Vs We-vibe Touch

What could be the We-Vibe Tango X?

The We-Vibe Tango X is a lipstick dildo. It’s additionally the upgraded version of We-Vibe’s bestselling Tango bullet vibrator.

Despite its compact size, the Tango X produces extremely powerful, rumbly vibrations. That causes it to be ideal for intense clitoral stimulation, nonetheless it could also be used for any other erogenous areas just like the perineum or the nipples.

The sloped tip is constructed of difficult synthetic, to help you actually get company along with it and acquire some pinpoint stimulation, or lay it horizontally for wider rumbles. The somewhat bulbous handle is manufactured out of silicone for additional hold and simple control.

We-vibe Tango X Vs We-vibe Touch

How Does It Perform?

The We-Vibe Tango X executes with a capital P! There are people available to you who possess a classic, buzzy dildo within their nightstand who don’t see a need for an upgrade, but the Tango X is a game-changer.

The Tango’s super rumbly vibrations imply that they’re effective also in the cheapest amounts. Power queens are able to turn up the strength when they require, but novices can be content to relax in the mildest settings. The not enough buzziness additionally means that you’re less inclined to get numb after using it for a bit.

The battery pack life normally impressive. The Tango X can endure for (at the least) 2 hours, that is astonishing for such strong vibrations such a tiny masturbator. This is certainly one of the most popular reasons for having the Tango X — it is extremely rare that i need to bother about it running away on me personally.

Read the entire summary of the We-Vibe Tango X even for additional information, or check out the cost right here.

Pros Cons
Intense, rumbly vibrations Can be overwhelming for some
Good for pinpoint and broad stimulation Can’t be used internally
Simple and simple to use Hard synthetic does not provide any freedom
Travel-friendly Magnetic billing could be unreliable

We-vibe Tango X Vs We-vibe Touch

We-Vibe Touch

We-vibe Tango X Vs We-vibe Touch
We-vibe Tango X Vs We-vibe Touch

What may be the We-Vibe Touch?

The We-Vibe Touch is a tight dildo that may fit easily within the palm of the hand. It’s not exactly a bullet dildo, it is nevertheless completely travel-sized.

This dildo had been fashioned with the body at heart, and it is a tremendously versatile doll! It has a scoop-shaped end that cocoons your clitoris and vulva for broad stimulation, and a pointed tip to get more direct, intense stimulation. You can switch things up once you feel just like it, and luxuriate in multiple feelings from a single toy.

Another big winnings for the We-Vibe Touch is exactly how discreet it’s — it is not likely that many individuals would see this lying around and also understand it had been a sex doll!

We-vibe Tango X Vs We-vibe Touch

How Does It Perform?

The We-Vibe Touch keeps its effective vibrations even if plenty of force is used, and does not overheat like other, lower-quality vibrators. It’s another We-Vibe doll that lives as much as the company’s high-end masturbator reputation.

The Touch’s vibrations tend to be more in the buzzy end of this range compared to the rumbly Tango X, therefore could be considerably better for many who choose those types of feelings. Plus, similar to the Tango X, the Touch comes with a battery life of around two hours, and a 90 minute fee time.

Check out of the complete summary of the We-Vibe Touch to get more details or check out the cost right here.

Pros Cons
Extremely beginner-friendly Body just isn’t squishy or flexible
Provides broad clitoral stimulation Not budget-friendly
Ergonomic shape No travel lock
Secure charging you Limited accessibility

Tango X vs Touch — The Results

We-vibe Tango X Vs We-vibe Touch

The Overall Score

Both our reviewers offered these vibrators high ratings within their individual tests, but the Tango X edged ahead and took the winnings with a premier rating of 5 away from 5 movie stars. Here’s a rundown of exactly how each performed on their key metrics:

  We-Vibe Tango X We-Vibe Touch
Bedbible Score 5/5 4.5/5
Design /100 100 100
Ease of Use /100 97 100
Quality /100 100 100
Price vary Mid-Range Fairly Expensive

A More Detailed Comparison…

When it comes down to vibrations, the We-Vibe Tango X may be the favorite. Its extremely powerful and rumbly vibrations simply can’t be beat, and it is amazing to consider they can also be created by a vibrator that little.

However, if you’re a huge fan of more diffuse vibrations that may protect a bigger area, then you can like the We-Vibe Touch. Its scoop-like design can definitely nestle up against your clitoris for optimum cozy vibes.

If you’re somebody who enjoys checking out various vibration habits, then you may like the Tango X, which includes 7 habits towards the Touch’s 4. The Tango X comes with two times as numerous intensity settings to pick from.

The other difference within the We-Vibe Tango X vs We-Vibe Touch debate may be the materials of this vibrators. The Tango X’s ABS synthetic shaft means you may get really firm along with your stimulation, as the silicone for the Touch is only a little softer. However, the difficult synthetic enables a brilliant smooth and slidey time, specially when lubed up, whilst the Touch might feel a little grippier.

We-vibe Tango X Vs We-vibe Touch

How Do the Specs Compare?

  We-Vibe Tango X We-Vibe Touch
Vibration Speeds 8 4
Vibration Patterns 7 4
Length 3.9 ins 4 ins
Width 0.9 ins 1.8 ins
Materials Silicone & ABS plastic Silicone
Waterproof Yes Yes
Rechargeable Yes Yes
Battery life 120 moments 120 moments
Charge time 90 moments 90 mins
Travel lock Yes No
Storage bag Yes Yes
Check cost Check cost

Who Would I Recommend the Tango X and Touch to?

We-vibe Tango X Vs We-vibe Touch

Every body is significantly diffent, so that it’s not at all times since straightforward as selecting the ‘best’ item. Both the Tango X and Touch are excellent vibrators, and you also should consider which sensations you want and exactly what you’re trying to make use of your dildo for when creating a determination about which to opt for.

You can buy the We-Vibe Tango X in the event that you:
  • Value convenience in a sex toy
  • Love intense, rumbly vibrations
  • Are a fan of outside, clitoral stimulation
  • Want a sex doll to take travelling
You can buy the We-Vibe Touch in the event that you:
  • Are a sex doll novice
  • Want one thing simple to use
  • Prefer a toy with a tight size
  • Are ready to pay more for ergonomic design


The We-Vibe Tango X may be the dildo that happens at the top within our contrast. In regards to vibrational energy and rumbliness, the Tango X simply can’t be beat! However, the We-Vibe Touch is a detailed competitor, and really shouldn’t be ignored. Both toys are compact, simple to use, beginner-friendly and perfect for enjoyable on the road — and also at comparable cost points, what type going for really and truly just depends upon what sort of experience you would like from a vibrator.

We-vibe Tango X Vs We-vibe Touch

Find Out More About Mini Vibrators

There are incredibly various kinds of little and portable vibrators out there that very nearly everyone will find their perfect buzzy friend. There are bullet vibrators, little clitoris vibrators, hands-free vibrators, mini g-spot vibes, and also mini clitoral suction stimulators!

Mini vibrators are perfect alternatives for novices towards the masturbator globe, along with people who simply want something discreet, portable and versatile. Why maybe not browse our web log for motivation on the best way to make use of a bullet dildo or other little vibe, and take a glance at our round-up of the finest little vibrators available today.

Some More Great Options if You Love Pocket-Sized Vibrators…

We-vibe Tango X Vs We-vibe Touch

Je Joue Mimi Soft

“There is something to be said about its ease and simplicity that makes me really quite like it. I love that the small, smooth shape just sits so nicely in my hand and between my legs. The Mimi is so easy to pick up and use.”

Read the entire summary of the Je Joue Mimi Soft

We-vibe Tango X Vs We-vibe Touch

Maude Vibe

“The Maude Vibe is that it is a whole new level of the affordable vibrator. The quality versus the price tag and how well they present the limited features the Maude provides make it an excellent starter toy. Your toy drawer would be more complete with this little guy nestled in its depths.”

Read the entire summary of the Maude Vibe


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