The Best Fleshlight Accessories + DIY Alternatives

The Best Fleshlight Accessories + Diy Alternatives

The Best Fleshlight Accessories + DIY Alternatives

As we all know, a Fleshlight can offer a lot of pleasure by itself. With tantalizingly tight textures and silky Super Skin, you’re sure to be happy! Here at Bedbible though, we won’t end at ‘satisfied’!

That’s why we’ve done our research and discovered the greatest fleshlight add-ons open to improve your pocket pussy pleasure. From hands-free stroking methods to items that make taking care of your Fleshlight very simple, here’s every Fleshlight accessory and where you can purchase it.

Plus, we’ve included some super simple DIY projects along side them, if you are nevertheless in the fence…

For Shower Sessions

The Best Fleshlight Accessories + Diy Alternatives

Fleshlight Shower Mount and Hands-Free Adapter

A Fleshlight is great, but making use of a Fleshlight hands-free is way better! This nifty little bit of kit enables you to thrust away and never having to hold it in position. Simply screw in every full-sized Fleshlight, including:

Its super strong suction cup sticks securely to virtually any smooth, flat working surface, which makes it ideal for making use of within the bath, also in the wall surface, home, and sometimes even your refrigerator! The socket normally adjustable for an entirely customizable experience.

If your Fleshlight is not a standard-sized model, then it won’t squeeze into the conventional bath mount. However, don’t despair, Fleshlight additionally makes adapters that screw into the initial mount! These are for sale to the smaller Fleshlight Flight range, additionally the double-ended Quickshot range.

The Best Fleshlight Accessories + Diy Alternatives

For Hands-Free Fun

Created by intercourse furniture masters Liberator, these Fleshlight mount add-ons are another innovative solution for a hands-free masturbator experience! Each has a slot for your Fleshlight to stay easily and firmly, plus they utilize a number of stroker sizes.

The mounts also come in two designs: a lesser, missionary design and a taller, doggy-style form. However, both mounts can be utilized in lots of ways! Rotate them, push them up against a wall, and even utilize them as intercourse pillows to explore various roles during partner sex.

Plus, they’re practical, too! They’re made from smooth faux leather that’s very easy to wipe down and machine-washable, and now have a supplementary moisture-proof liner for additional safety.

DIY Fleshlight Mount Alternative

If you’re not quite willing to splash away on a purpose-made mount for the masturbator, then there are some methods for getting the same experience in the home.

Try positioning your Fleshlight between mattresses, couch cushions or two hefty pillows to help keep it nevertheless when you thrust hands-free. You may well not attain quite similar comfortableness of flexibility, nonetheless it can provide you a sense of whether you love the sensation!

For Realistic Warmth

The Best Fleshlight Accessories + Diy Alternatives

Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer

Realism could be the title associated with the game with regards to Fleshlights, but let’s say you have access to a Fleshlight accessory that may ensure it is much more realistic? Well, luckily, you are able to.

The Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer is a straightforward, USB-powered pole that carefully heats your Fleshlight sleeve to a cozy body’s temperature for extremely practical feelings. Since it is created designed for Fleshlights, it is completely safe and won’t harm the Super Skin material.

The standard Sleeve Warmer works together all sizes and models of Fleshlights. However, in the event that you just have actually a Quickshot and desire to save your self a few dollars, you are able to choose the smaller Quickshot sleeve warmer.

DIY Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer Alternative

Despite the simplicity and convenience associated with the Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer, it is perhaps not the only method to obtain those ultra-realistic emotions.

Just just take your Fleshlight sleeve away from its instance and put it in hot (perhaps not hot) water for one to three minutes. Then, stick it back the scenario, lube up and luxuriate in the feelings! For more some ideas, have you thought to discover our post on the best way to heat up a Fleshlight?

The Best Fleshlight Accessories + Diy Alternatives

For the Ultimate Experience

This Fleshlight accessory could just be the greatest Fleshlight update. Gone would be the times of really thrusting yourself — the Fleshlight Launch has arrived to help make things a great deal more chill.

Simply band in your Fleshlight watching because it strokes down and up for you personally! The Launch is completely adjustable and customizable, and will achieve rates all the way to 250 shots each and every minute. That’s simply over 4 per 2nd!

It has easy-to-hold handles and intuitive switch settings, and also a holder at the top for the phone. Perfect for switching on your own favorite porn. Imagine strapping in your Riley Reid Fleshlight after which seeing her here in the display screen whilst the Launch thrusts away for you personally…

The Fleshlight Universal Launch has a variable band that’s compatible along with full-size Fleshlights and Fleshlight Go models (although not Fleshlight Flight). Then, there’s the Quickshot Launch, that will be especially created for usage with Quickshot strokers.

For Easy Drying

The Best Fleshlight Accessories + Diy Alternatives

Fleshlight Air

Caring for your Fleshlight is quite crucial if you prefer ensure it is final for quite some time (and steer clear of germs and mildew)!

But, let’s be honest, it is additionally pretty time-consuming. Once you’ve precisely washed the Fleshlight sleeve, after that it has to be completely dry before you shop it away. Yet, how will you dry it precisely without one getting dirty once more?

That’s where in actuality the Fleshlight Air will come in. This fresh addition to Fleshlight’s type of add-ons takes the job away from drying your sleeve, and means that you are doing it appropriate each and every time. Plus, it is perfect in the event that you find it difficult to find a discreet spot to dry your Fleshlight.

All you should do is, as soon as you’ve washed your sleeve, reinsert it into its instance with all the end caps eliminated. Then, press the button and it’ll dry it self. There will vary rounds for Quickshots, Go and Flight strokers and full-sizes Fleshlights, therefore there’s no guesswork included.

You may well not feel splashing away in the Fleshlight Air — we get it. But, in the event that you nevertheless feel there should be a much better solution that making your sleeve on a towel to dry, then why don’t you decide to try Fleshlight’s other solutions?

There are three to select from:

  • Stand Dry — The Stand has a ring to keep the sleeve and a small reservoir underneath to catch drips while they fall.
  • Hanger Dry — The Hanger is super discreet, and will be addicted inside a closet. Just make sure to keep the home open and/or ensure that there’s sufficient airflow.
  • Screw Dry — The screw-on choice is nearly the same as a manual form of the Fleshlight Air. It’s made to be properly used with all the sleeve inside its instance, and has now a drip reservoir within the base.

DIY Fleshlight Drying Alternative

There are lots of how to dry a Fleshlight! But, if you’d like to replicate certainly one of the above mentioned Fleshlight drying add-ons, then take to reshaping a wire coat-hanger into a hanging dryer. Bend the underside wire such that it has a circle that will bypass the finish of your Fleshlight sleeve and hold it because it hangs.

For Keeping It Fresh

The Best Fleshlight Accessories + Diy Alternatives

Fleshlight Renewing Powder

If you’ve had your Fleshlight a little while, you may spot the sleeve changing the more you utilize and clean it. It begins to be sticky, less soft, much less practical. This is really because Fleshlight’s Super Skin (the product your sleeve is manufactured out of) is a TPE-based product, that will be porous and degrades with use.

However, that doesn’t suggest you need to toss it away! Fleshlight’s renewing powder will keep your sleeve feeling soft and supple, just as the first-time you tried it.

When the sleeve is dry and clean, sprinkle the powder throughout the sleeve until it is entirely covered with a thin layer. Then, stick it back the scenario and it’ll be back once again to freshness right away! A straightforward, yet super effective Fleshlight accessory.

The Best Fleshlight Accessories + Diy Alternatives

How to Find the Perfect Fleshlight Accessories

Which accessories you decide on for your Fleshlight is determined by a couple of things, including:

  • Which Fleshlight(s) you possess
  • How you wish to make use of your Fleshlight
  • Your spending plan

There’s also the concern of where you can purchase your Fleshlight add-ons. You can, needless to say, get straight to, which stocks all of the official accessories. However, there are some other trustworthy adult toy shops that people suggest looking into, too, like Lovehoney, SheVibe, Hustler Hollywood and The Enhanced Male.

All among these stores provide discreet delivery and payment, and could have even cheaper rates!

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