Motorbunny vs Sybian: Which one to choose?

Motorbunny Vs Sybian: Which One To Choose?

Motorbunny vs Sybian: Which one to choose?

Motorbunny vs Sybian, what´s the difference between those two famous intercourse devices and which one should really be your trip or perish? We’ll response all of your concerns in this step-by-step contrast of the top intercourse devices.

Motorbunny and Sybian, in general, these intercourse saddles are very comparable, but there are many key distinctions and people that would be the decisive element in your decision-making.

If you’re in a hurry and desire to have riding pronto, right here’s a quick summary of just what our research shows:

Motorbunny vs Sybian:

  • Price: The Motorbunny is cheaper than Sybian
  • Power: The Motorbunny’s motor is marginally more powerful than the Sybian’s
  • Size: The Motorbunny is a little bigger compared to the Sybian
  • Weight: The Sybian is somewhat weightier compared to the Motorbunny
  • Design/Features: The Motorbunny has four steel attention hooks connected, the Sybian has none
  • Control opportunities: It’s possible to control Motorbunny remotely through an app, the Sybian can only just be managed utilizing the wired remote
  • Remote control: The controls layout is significantly diffent for every machine
  • Colour: The Sybian comes in various tints, the Motorbunny is simply too however they are way harder to find  
Motorbunny Vs Sybian: Which One To Choose?
Motorbunny Vs Sybian: Which One To Choose?

Now we’ve covered the fundamentals, let’s dig much deeper into details and actually scrutinize the specifications for every device.

Motorbunny Vs Sybian: Which One To Choose?

What is a Sybian?

Motorbunny Vs Sybian: Which One To Choose?

The initial Sybian Sex device extends back to 1970 and is made by Dave Lampert, in those days the title had been “Master better”. It was created due to studies showing that a lot of females reach orgasm whilst in the riding place, and which wasn’t feasible because of the current toys.

So the Sybian is a sex device with a sex seat on and you will find different accessories included; different sized and shaped dildos and one with a textured area for grinding. Most associated with the accessories are produced away from silicone product and generally are for sale in lots of various tints.

Have at heart that at this time it really is hard to find Sybian devices, because so many shops and suppliers have actually changed Sybian along with other choices, and that’s why we assembled this variety of amazing Sybian options.

What is a Motorbunny?

Motorbunny Vs Sybian: Which One To Choose?

You could refer to the Motorbunny once the contemporary form of the Sybian, as it is somewhat of an updated variation with an increase of contemporary features.

The principles are exactly the same, it is a sex device with a padded intercourse seat and you can get several various accessories. Although they’re not produced in top-quality silicone product, they’re produced in TPE alternatively.

One of the finest reasons for the Motorbunny may be the possibility to control it through an app, and that’s not just for you personally, it may be by the partner that is kilometers away. Just share the web link to allow them to manage your orgasmic trip.

Motorbunny Vs Sybian: Which One To Choose?

Motorbunny vs Sybian

Rotation HP .04 HP .04 HP
Rotation RPM 0-150 RPM 0-160 RPM
Vibrations HP 0.059 HP 0.8 HP
Vibrations RPM 6,000 RPM 7,000 RPM
Weight 18.56 Lbs. 17.4 Lbs.
External Power Adapter No Yes
Tie-Ons No Yes
Extra Attachments Cost $10-$98 $15-$35
# Of Risers 2 2
Included Attachements 4 4
Warrenty 4 Years 4 Years
Quality Guarentee 0 Years 10 Years
Guarentee 45 Days 45 Days
Bluetooth capable No Yes
Online Capable No Yes
Financing No Yes (0% interest)
Taken from motorbunny


Motorbunny Vs Sybian: Which One To Choose?
Motorbunny Vs Sybian: Which One To Choose?

At a primary look, they appear the exact same; the Motorbunny is almost a replica associated with the Sybian, and there’s little that varies as it pertains to design. They are both shaped as rideable intercourse devices with changeable attachments on the top.

The biggest huge difference in design is the fact that Motorbunny offers four eyelets, 2 within the front side and two within the straight back, which produces more opportunities for combining the intercourse machine with BDSM restraints or bondage rope.

The size of Motorbunny is somewhat larger than Sybian, but Sybian remains about a pound weightier. This could mirror improvements in technology permitting us to make things lighter than before.

If you need to sit easily and have now a soft cushioned seat, then you definitely should select the Motorbunny, as the Sybian has less cushioning therefore the seat is somewhat smaller too. However, if you prefer to spice it with a few various tints, then you definitely should select the Sybian, because it’s obtainable in four various tints.

While they’re both managed with a remote, the Motorbunny’s is detachable and it will also be managed via an app, but the Sybian can only just be managed utilizing the wired controller. Not just performs this effect exactly how and who is able to get a handle on the equipment, this really is additionally one thing to are considering whenever it comes down to utilizing the guarantee. If the remote breaks regarding the Motorbunny, you merely require to ship the remote. However if it is broken regarding the Sybian you’ll need to ship the complete sex-machine.

The settings adjust the accessories motions and degrees of stimulation regarding the devices. On the Motorbunny the settings are known as them buzz and twirl, as well as on the Sybian they’re called vibation and rotation.

Dimensions and weight

Details Motorbunny Sybian
Weight 17.4 lbs 22 lbs
Dimensions 10″ H x 13.24″ W x 12.49″ L 10″ H x 13.25″ W x 12.5″ L
As you can view, it doesn´t vary much whenever comparing the dimensions and fat of Motorbunny and Sybian.

Motor energy and speed

The Motorbunny has a marginally more powerful engine than the Sybian. Both are loud and to dampen the sound whenever possible we recommend you to use either Motorbunny or Sybian on some sort of soft textile such as for example rug or blanket and on occasion even together with your sleep.

With the Motorbunny’s radio control, it is possible to select from 11 various intensities also it’s pretty similar to Sybian, even though it does not utilize figures.


Sybian vs Motorbunny
The model of the remotes is comparable, plus they both have actually a variable dial for changing the settings. The Motorbunny has figures onto it, even though the Sybian will not. Some individuals like obtaining the numbers to see which level they’ve been on however it all boils down to individual choice.
The Sybian has additionally got buttons with on/off that lighten up, so once you make use of it in the dark it’s easy to realize to see the remote.

Control it with an App

One associated with the modern features that Motorbunny has that Sybian doesn’t may be the possibility to control it with an app.

Through the software it is additionally feasible to share a web link and now have someone else get a handle on the intercourse device irrespective of where they’re, which makes it perfect for some steamy long-distance intercourse!

Motorbunny Vs Sybian: Which One To Choose?

Noise level

To have a sense of just what to anticipate with regards to the sound degree, we suggest you to consider these videos: Motorbunny vs. Sybian. In regards to decibels, the Motorbunny has 74 dB sound degree, as well as the Sybian has 72 dB. They are both really noisy, in order discussed earlier, we do suggest you to utilize a soft quilt or comparable underneath to dampen the noise.


Motorbunny Vs Sybian: Which One To Choose?
Motorbunny Vs Sybian: Which One To Choose?

Both the Sybian as well as the Motorbunny have various accessories and you will find various packages it is possible to select. The Motorbunny’s accessories are presented in TPE product, which will be non-toxic but porous, meaning it may not be completely washed. The Sybian´s accessories are produced away from silicone, which will be both non-toxic and non-porous, making them the safer choice. The Sybian attachments may also be able to sterilize with boiling water, a thing that’s impossible with Sybian services and products.

The Sybian accessories can be found in more classic shapes — dildo, hand and butt plug. You find the exact same for the Motorbunny but additionally other forms, such as for example rabbit form stimulator or a ridged area for grinding.

There are a lot of intercourse device attachments available that often work with different intercourse devices, but constantly make sure to verify they’re suitable for your intercourse device before purchasing to avoid dissatisfaction. 

Also, a great thing that one can add to Motorbunny many thanks to the attention hooks is intimate restraints for bondage play. This, with the radio control choices, makes the Motorbunny ideal for some high driven energy play.

Set up

Both devices are effortless to put up. Simply choose and connect the accessory you would like, plug it in and dominate. The just issue is the extra weight, as is typical for some intercourse devices. So we do suggest it to keep it someplace that you could effortlessly may use it without having to move it.

If you’ll need to make it, both the Sybian as well as the Motorbunny have a straightforward hold on both edges for you personally to keep. But are considering, they’re really hefty.

Motorbunny Vs Sybian: Which One To Choose?


To shop both the Sybian therefore the Motorbunny, we suggest you to keep these things in a dark destination at space heat. After utilizing one or one other, it is necessary to clean it. The attachments for both the Motorbunny as well as the Sybian is rinsed and detergent in water, nevertheless the ones made from silicone for the Sybian, may also be boiled to sterilize them totally.

The other areas associated with the intercourse device it is possible to wipe down with a damped cloth.


Nowadays, it’s hard to find a Sybian in an everyday adult shop since it’s been changed by newer intercourse devices, therefore we suggest looking into these Sybian options alternatively. If someone happens to think it is within the shop the cost is all about 1300$, of course you need to buy more accessories, they have been around 59$ each.

If you´re looking to buy Motorbunny, take a look right here. Here you will find it for approximately 900$, and also the cost begins from 34$ for accessories.

Summary of Motorbunny vs Sybian

After scanning this you are going to realise i really hope we’ve made the option a little easier with regards to determining who wins within the Motorbunny vs Sybian competition.

So now just what? Which one if you choose?

If you need to explore your sex device in a BDSM relationship or make use of it for very long distance-play, then it´s a 100% yes for the Motorbunny.

If you merely desire a high-quality doll and also the genuine deal, then you will want to go after the Sybian? After all, it is the first sex-machine plus it is sold with silicone attachments as standard. Use it all on your own or make use of it together with your partner.

Some might wonder what´s the differences when considering Sybian & Motorbunny and also the Hismith Sex devices.

While all three fall beneath the group of intercourse devices, unlike the Motorbunny and Sybian, that are both intercourse saddles you ride on, Hismith makes thrusting sex devices. Hismith intercourse devices have actually a dildo that is attached to the finish of a metal pole that may penetrate you at varying rates, meaning the sensation is more comparable to intercourse with an actual individual, simply with an increase of energy plus it does not get exhausted!

They are much more handy and versatile whenever it comes down to with them, one it is possible to hold in your hand and one you’ll adjust so that it matches the body.

Check out our tester´s review of Hismith App-Controlled intercourse device right here.

Check out our tester´s review of Hismith Capsule intercourse device right here.

Motorbunny Vs Sybian: Which One To Choose?

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