Lora Dicarlo Appears to be Going Bankrupt — Here’s Why and How to Get Your Money Back

Lora Dicarlo Appears To Be Going Bankrupt — Here's Why And How To Get Your Money Back

Lora Dicarlo Appears to be Going Bankrupt — Here’s Why and How to Get Your Money Back

You could have heard the rumors circulating about masturbator brand name Lora Dicarlo closing. Or, you may have purchased a toy from their store recently, just for it to never materialize. So, precisely what is the specific situation?

As masturbator specialists that are really acquainted with Lora Dicarlo, we had been astonished as soon as we had been recently alerted to the truth that their products or services and services not any longer seem to be available. And, needless to say, we had to investigate.

Information across the brand name is quite scarce today, making numerous clients extremely confused and, understandably, upset. Questions have now been popping up within the internet from individuals interested in responses, including this post from Reddit:

Lora Dicarlo Appears To Be Going Bankrupt — Here's Why And How To Get Your Money Back

In this short article, we’ll answer all the absolute most usually expected questions regarding this dilemma, including:

What Happened to Lora Dicarlo?

With no formal statement from any Lora Dicarlo representatives, including Lora Haddock Dicarlo by herself, we can’t be 100% certain exactly what has happened to the brand.

However, you will find will be a lot of proof so it has closed, or perhaps is in the act of closing. Their internet site,, is no longer online and cannot be accessed, and their products or services are rented out already on just about all online masturbator shops.

Lora Dicarlo’s official social networking pages stay quiet, except their Twitter page, which continues to post automatic tweets of reviews kept by users. Many users have gone responses on the old articles, whining that their requests, some made over per month ago, remain unfulfilled while their customer care group is unreachable.

Yet, when you start to dig behind the scenes, some revealing proof comes to light.

Here’s the Timeline As We Know it:

  • July 29th, 2022 — Sex model brand name Lora Dicarlo goes offline on ShareASale for 11 times due too little funds. ShareASale may be the platform that Lora Dicarlo, and many other masturbator brands, utilize to track and shell out commissions to their affiliate lovers, like Bedbible. It’s not unusual because of this to happen to numerous brands, though it will always be for a much smaller time.
  • October 12th — Lora Dicarlo posts a promotion with regards to their Halloween purchase on the Twitter and Facebook pages, which can be their final (non-automated) social networking upgrade.
  • October 17th — Gisele International, a sexual health product sales and advertising agency, terminates its relationship with Lora Dicarlo following the brand name goes quiet.
  • October 22nd — They get offline once more on ShareASale, and this time around it remains in this way.
Lora Dicarlo Appears To Be Going Bankrupt — Here's Why And How To Get Your Money Back
  • October 28th — An automatic e-mail ended up being sent from a now-former executive worker at Lora Dicarlo. Among other activities, it describes that “there is no longer an internal resource available to continue any partnerships as planned”.
  • November 2nd — goes offline, and a mistake message seems once you try to visit it. Different browsers reveal various mistake communications, nonetheless it continues to be unavailable for all.
Lora Dicarlo Appears To Be Going Bankrupt — Here's Why And How To Get Your Money Back
Lora Dicarlo Appears To Be Going Bankrupt — Here's Why And How To Get Your Money Back

November 4th — Emails delivered to the domain begin to bounce right back to senders, and calls to business cell phone numbers are delivered to voicemail.

November 7th — An e-mail circulates from a senior adviser at Lora Dicarlo saying they thought that the business would be filing for bankruptcy “imminently”.

So, Has Lora Dicarlo Gone Bankrupt?

As of November 29th, 2022, enough time of writing, Lora Dicarlo has not yet formally for bankruptcy.

We contacted a lawyer, Jeff Fucci, who focuses primarily on this section of legislation. He had been able to check out the court filings, and offered us using this information:

Because “Lora Dicarlo” and “Uccellini Inc.” are a couple of various search phrases, a person and an entity, we carried out two queries on PACER, the documents locator for the federal courts. This is where bankruptcy actions are filed. Neither search yielded affirmative outcomes.

Jeff Fucci, Esq.

Lora Dicarlo Appears To Be Going Bankrupt — Here's Why And How To Get Your Money Back

Below, you can view the outcomes associated with the queries he carried out, showing that no bankruptcy filings have already been created for either Lora Dicarlo or Uccellini Inc..

Lora Dicarlo Appears To Be Going Bankrupt — Here's Why And How To Get Your Money Back
Lora Dicarlo Appears To Be Going Bankrupt — Here's Why And How To Get Your Money Back

Despite this, it does stil appear that the business will no longer be working. If you search on LinkedIn, you can view that lots of of these previously used at Lora Dicarlo report they stopped working here in October 2022.

Lora Dicarlo Appears To Be Going Bankrupt — Here's Why And How To Get Your Money Back
Lora Dicarlo Appears To Be Going Bankrupt — Here's Why And How To Get Your Money Back

One of the workers is previous Lora Dicarlo CFO Jason Moyer. We is able to see has updated their LinkedIn profile to show their brand new CFO part at a brand new business, beginning in October 2022.

Such a senior employee making the business at the moment signals that this is certainly more than simply mass lay-offs of more junior workers.

Lora Dicarlo Appears To Be Going Bankrupt — Here's Why And How To Get Your Money Back

Lora Dicarlo Appears To Be Going Bankrupt — Here's Why And How To Get Your Money Back

Why Has Lora Dicarlo Closed?

We can simply speculate about why this has occurred to Lora Dicarlo, particularly because they have actually yet to released a statement by themselves.

For some, it might probably be exceptionally astonishing that a brandname like Lora Dicarlo could fail in this manner. After all, they’ve had plenty of press and excitement around them because the start.

Lora Dicarlo’s very first item ended up being the Osé 2, a dual-stimulating dildo which had both a g-spot stroker and a clitoral suction stimulator. The doll ended up being hailed by numerous as groundbreaking, utilizing ‘micro-robotic’ technology to deliver highly practical and enjoyable feelings.

Its appeal ended up being boosted further when it had been infamously offered an award for Robotics Innovation during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2018, just for them to rescind it 30 days later on, saying this product ended up being “profane”, “immoral” and “obscene”. The the following year, but, they’d an alteration of heart (and policy), and reinstated the prize.

Lora Dicarlo’s more recent services and products proceeded this trend of innovation and hype, which led to high objectives from customers. Unfortunately, but, the toys couldn’t constantly live up to them, and many wound up with negative reviews from disappointed users.

Lora Dicarlo Appears To Be Going Bankrupt — Here's Why And How To Get Your Money Back
On item review website Product Hunt, the Lora Dicarlo Osé 2 has a typical rating of 2.2 away from 5, from 48 reviews.

On Bedbible, our reviewers have experienced really blended experiences of Lora Dicarlo’s services and products. For instance, the Baci and the Sway actually impressed their testers, whilst the Filare and the Carezza had been an actual dissatisfaction.

Perhaps the greatest flaw of Lora Dicarlo’s services and products, but, ended up being the cost. Sex toys are notable for being costly acquisitions, but the majority of associated with the offerings from Lora Dicarlo had been excessively costly, also by industry criteria.

Of program, cost will constantly be a really subjective problem. Still, numerous customers and reviewers had been kept questioning why the toys cost a great deal, particularly when a lot of their functions and outcomes didn’t match exactly what the business had been guaranteeing.

Lora Dicarlo’s Funding Debacle

Aside from their present problems, and the event at CES, Lora Dicarlo also made headlines for something more.

In April 2021, Lora Dicarlo launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on a platform called Republic. It ended up being commonly publicized, particularly aided by the joining of celebrity angel investor Cara Delevingne, and raised $1.7 million from 3339 investors.

It ended up being a shock to numerous, then, whenever Republic pulled the campaign in mid-November of the identical 12 months. All the assets had been refunded, and the funds that Lora Dicarlo put in the campaign had been lost.

In brief, the campaign ended up being withdrawn because brand new information ended up being filed by Lora Dicarlo regarding an executive that left the business and privately offered their equity to a brand new shareholder, endangering the fundraising campaign.

A brief while later on, Lora Dicarlo started an even more traditional Series A instead, with accredited investors. This ended up being the past record of any fundraising occurring for the company.

Bought a Lora Dicarlo Toy? How to Get Your Money Back

Since Lora Dicarlo have not formally filed for bankruptcy at the moment, we regrettably cannot offer any tangible assistance with exactly how to begin asking for a refund for just about any unfulfilled requests.

It is not likely that you’ll be able to resolve the problem by calling Lora Dicarlo themselves, due to the fact company seems to be unreachable by e-mail or phone.

However, it’s possible for you personally to request access to the business’s filings your self.

You’ll very first need to create a free account on PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records). Then, get to this web page to access the filings into the Delaware court. This is in which the business behind the Lora Dicarlo, Uccellini Inc., was included.

Sign up as a “Plaintiff, Defendant, or Debtor in a Case”, as shown below.

Lora Dicarlo Appears To Be Going Bankrupt — Here's Why And How To Get Your Money Back

Doing this can permit you to access details about whenever Lora Dicarlo, or Uccellini Inc., will hold their “The Meeting of the Creditors”. At this conference, you should have the chance to software with Lora Dicarlo face-to-face within the information on their filing and offer any objections.

While this conference can be attended by the general public, no invites or postings are sent. In other terms, you should have to actively notify your self and join. Due to the type of a bankruptcy filing, you won’t be a debtor, and consequently entitled to a refund, if you don’t earnestly report your self to be so.

Filing a Proof of Claim

You may also fill in a ‘Proof of Claim’ for, called Form 410. This is a three-page document that have to typically be finished and finalized by the creditor, the creditor’s lawyer, or a certified representative. The information you’ll need to offer includes:

  • The number of the claim
  • The basis for the claim
  • Whether your debt is guaranteed by a lien
  • The final four digits associated with the debtor’s account, if applicable
  • Your target for notifications and potential payments 

Along with all the kind, you need to add copies of any documents that help your claim, such as for instance purchase requests, promissory records, invoices, account statements, mortgages, and agreements.

In addition to mailing the shape to the correct region court, creditors could also register electronically, either through the court’s internet site or via a third-party claims of bankruptcy representative. If you would like verification that the proof claim happens to be filed, you can a self-addressed stamped envelope along side a duplicate associated with the kind in your mailing, or perhaps you can look at the court’s PACER system to start to see the filed kind online.

Official guidelines how to do that can be found right here.

Other Useful Links:

Lora Dicarlo Appears To Be Going Bankrupt — Here's Why And How To Get Your Money Back

About Lora Dicarlo

Lora Dicarlo ended up being created by its namesake and CEO, Lora Haddock DiCarlo in 2017. The idea behind the business ended up being to use advanced technology to create intercourse toys that felt incredibly realistic and pleasurable.

They collaborated with Oregon State University’s Robotics and Engineering Lab to first create the Osé, a type of bunny dildo that mimicked human touch utilizing micro-robotics and other patent-pending technology. They then proceeded to create many similarly-advanced toys for individuals of most genders to use.

Company Information

This is considered the most recently updated information for the business that represents the Lora Dicarlo brand name. Of program, we now realize that the CFO right here not any longer works during the business, and that the device quantity is now not any longer reachable.

  • Company Name: Uccellini Inc. [Incorporated in the state of Delaware]
  • SEC CIK #0001759667
  • Company Address: 626 NW Arizona Avenue, Bend OR 97703
  • Phone: 541-633-5005
  • CEO: Lora LeeAnne Haddock DiCarlo
  • CFO: Jason Moyer

Trademarks and Patents

The after trademarks had been registered by Lora Dicarlo:

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