How to Use a Sex Machine + Positions to Try

How To Use A Sex Machine + Positions To Try

How to Use a Sex Machine + Positions to Try

Whether you’ve already got a intercourse device to your title, or you’re in the search for the perfect match, it is essential to understand how to put it to use properly!

We don’t want to spoil your enjoyable, needless to say, simply optimize it! That’s why we’ve obtained all our specialist tips about having the many from the machine.

If you can’t wait to browse the full list, here’s the quick variation:

Choose a stable surface, get to know your machine and its own attachments upfront, usage a generous number of lube and spending some time getting warmed up, start slowly, and don’t forget to clean up after!

But, that’s not absolutely all! We’ll additionally discuss exactly how to use certain kinds of intercourse device, like:

How to Use a Sex Machine, Step-by-Step

Step 1: Pick a Stable Surface

1. Pick a Stable Surface

No matter what sort of intercourse device you have got, the very last thing you would like can it be toppling over mid-session!

If your intercourse device continues a floor, make certain it is a degree area with no rugs or carpets. Smaller intercourse devices can take a seat on a table or desk, but ensure it is perhaps not wobbly or uneven.

Step 2: Familiarize Yourself with the Machine and its Settings

2. Familiarize Yourself using the Machine & Its Settings

Every intercourse device is significantly diffent, plus it’s constantly a good clear idea to take the time to work out how yours works prior to starting getting down and dirty.

Familiarize your self using the mechanisms, in addition to any remote settings or apps, and that means you won’t get frustrated or sidetracked later.

Step 3: attach your attachments

3. Attach Your Chosen Attachments

The celebrity of any intercourse device show is actually the accessories you decide on.

Whether it is a dildo, masturbator, and sometimes even a mount for a secret wand, intercourse device accessories are why is a intercourse device exactly what it is.

So, get crazy and stock up yours until it is certain to cause you to squeal with pleasure!

Step 4: Lube Up

4. Lube Up

Just just as in almost any intercourse, never ever skip away regarding the lube! Lube is important for preventing friction and harm to your painful and sensitive genitals, that will be specially essential in regards to effective intercourse devices.

If you’re utilizing your intercourse device anally, then ensure to use anal lube, that will be thicker and longer-lasting than regular lube. For more recommendations, consider our complete lube guide.

Step 5: Warm up

5. Warm Up

Using a intercourse device is far more enjoyable whenever you take some time to get stimulated very first.

You can perform that in whichever methods you want! Watching ethical porn or reading erotica are popular, you could additionally set the feeling by playing some sensual music, burning a number of your preferred scented candles, and exploring the human body.

Step 6: Start off Slow

6. Start Off Slow

Sex devices can achieve some terrifying speeds, however it’s best to start down regarding the reduced settings very first.

You will get your bearings and relieve your self in to the feelings before speeding things up.

Step 7: Clean Up Afterwards

7. Clean Up Afterwards

Once you’ve had your enjoyable, don’t forget to clean most of the the different parts of your intercourse device just afterward possible.

How you clean your accessories depends on what they’re and exactly what they’re made from, but we now have a guide to many different sorts right here.

For the device it self, in many instances you’ll find a way to wipe it well with a damp cloth plus some soap. However, don’t forget to check out the guidelines of the machine first.

How To Use A Sex Machine + Positions To Try

How to Use a Saddle Sex Machine

One of the most extremely popular kinds of intercourse device is a seat intercourse device.

These ride-on machines have a number of designs, however the fundamental concept is you’ve got a semi-circular shape to straddle, with various ‘mats‘ with different accessories that you could attach to the most effective.

Most have wired remotes to control the functions, while some can be managed via an app with Bluetooth.

Some of the most popular ride-on intercourse machines include:

The Cowgirl

the cowgirl sex machine

The Cowgirl Premium is a genuine treat. With extremely rumbly vibrations, 11 various 100per cent silicone accessories to choose from, a wired remote and app-control functions, the Cowgirl pulls away most of the stops. Plus, the sleek black colored human body is all handmade!

The Motorbunny Buck

Motorbunny Buck Sex Machine

Get more value for your money using this intercourse device from Motorbunny. The Buck has powerful vibrations, rotations and thrusting motions, all in one single! They’re standard attachments are TPE, but silicone people can be found, too.

The Tremor

The Tremor Sex Machine

Rather than a half-barrel shape, the Tremor intercourse device has a comfortable A-frame design and it is among the lightest ride-on devices around. It provides both vibrations and rotations along with its wired remote, all at a very affordable price.

Saddle Sex Machine Positions


Perhaps the best way to ride your seat intercourse device is into the ‘cowgirl’ (or cowboy, or cow-person) place.

Straddle your device in your knees and make use of your legs to bounce down and up while you be sure to. You may also sit backwards within the ‘reverse cowgirl’ place, that may provide some various feelings and stimulate different areas in the vagina or rectum.


For much deeper penetration, it is possible to decide to try squatting over your intercourse device rather than resting in your knees.

It is a good idea into the squat position to keep the leading associated with the device to constant yourself, and present your self a small additional leverage. Don’t stress in the event that you can’t choose very long at first — that one could be a genuine leg work out!

Double Penetration

Finally, a seat intercourse device is a perfect way to try some dual penetration!

There are a few ways to do that. You could wear a butt plug or prostate massager while riding, or perhaps you can use a ready-made dual penetration device accessory.

Or, if you like to have a partner in regarding the action, get down in your device in your legs or knees. Lean forward in order that your front side is pressing the device, and then have your lover take a seat on the rear of the device and penetrate you anally.

This usually takes a small training to find the correct perspectives for you personally both, however it’s 100% worth every penny for the mind-blowing sensations that result.

How to Use a Thrusting Sex Machine

The other kind of intercourse device you’re most likely familiar with is a thrusting intercourse machine.

These appear in a large amount of various designs and kinds, however the fundamental premise is the identical. You have actually a shaft (or a few!) that thrusts right back and forth, attached to a framework or base to anchor it.

Depending in your thrusting sex machine, you may well be able to make use of it standing up — either by putting it on the ground or on a sturdy tabletop or desk. Others are smaller and are better lower down, either on all fours or lying down.

If you’re on lookout for the perfect thrusting sex machine, listed here are our top picks:

Hismith Premium Sex Machine

Hismith Premium Thrusting Sex Machine

The Hismith Premium Sex Machine is amongst the market leaders, with a really powerful motor that may achieve rates of nearly 5 strokes a second! It’s additionally exceptionally peaceful, and contains both wired and app settings. Just see Hismith’s internet site because of their huge selection of add-ons.

Love Botz Versa Fuk Machine

Love Botz Versa Fuk Machine

Love Botz are one of the greatest names in intercourse devices, and now we specially love their Versa Fuk model. You can adjust both the height as well as the angle associated with the thruster, which reaches rates of 5 strokes a second. The Versa Fuk comes with 3 accessories, including a butt plug and dildo.

Lovehoney Love Motion

Lovehoney Love Motion Remote Control Warming Thrusting Sex Machine Set 1

If you’re trying to find a more compact intercourse machine, decide to try the Lovehoney Love Motion. It vibrates, thrusts and warms, too — a complete solution device! Use it handheld, or stick the strong suction cup to a flat working surface and control it using the wireless remote.

Thrusting Sex Machine Positions

Doggy Style

Doggy design is America’s favorite intercourse place, also it’s many people’s go-to when working with a thrusting intercourse machine.

This place is most effective whenever you destination your device on to the floor then access it both hands and knees next to it.

You may then adjust where you’re placed to have much deeper or shallower penetration, along with the angle associated with the thrusting supply to hit your g-spot or prostate more.


Many thrusting intercourse devices additionally benefit some missionary enjoyable!

The best are the ones where you are able to adjust the height associated with the thrusting supply to be close to the floor. However, you can cheat it by lying on some pillows, or regarding the sleep in the event your device is high enough.


Sex while taking a stand can feel amazing, nonetheless it can frequently be hard in the event that you as well as your partner’s levels done quite match up.

With a variable intercourse device, nevertheless, it is simple! If it is high sufficient, you could have your device penetrate you when you fold over a seat or dining table. Otherwise, spot your machine on a sturdy table, desk or other area and then stay next to it.


Finally, you can try some sensual spooning intercourse along with your thruster.

Place your machine next to your bed and adjust the height consequently, then get comfy regarding the sleep working for you. Again, if you’re able to, decide to try adjusting the angle associated with the thrusting supply and find out exactly what various feelings it is possible to achieve.

How To Use A Sex Machine + Positions To Try

How to Use a Manual Sex Machine

There are typical different types of handbook intercourse devices nowadays, but something each of them have in accordance is the fact that they don’t require any power to use. Some of the most extremely typical include dildo rockers, intercourse seats, and dildo mounts.

Since there’s no electricity included, you’ll have to make use of your very own energy to enjoy your handbook intercourse machine.

Gliding or rocking sex devices, just like the famous Monkey Rocker, need you to grind against them to move the procedure while making the vibrator thrust down and up. With others, you’ll have to bounce up and down along with them to create the thrusting feeling yourself.

The best part about handbook intercourse devices is the fact that they’re frequently cheaper than old-fashioned ones! Some of our faves include:

Cloud 9 F-Slider

Cloud 9 F-Slider sex machine

They call it Cloud 9 for a explanation! This intercourse device has a normal rocking movement that replicates genuine intercourse to a heavenly level. It has a Vac-U-Lock adaptor which allows you to connect your preferred vibrator and glide away, without the engine sound.

Love Botz Bangin’ Bench

Love Botz Bangin Bench 1

This intercourse seat is a two-for-one deal — enjoy some supported face sitting with a partner, or band a dildo to the detachable raiser club and bounce away. The straps are produced from durable elastic, and you will find handlebars to hold onto while you get complete cowgirl.

Liberator BonBon Dildo Mount

Liberator BonBon Toy Mount

One of the most extremely popular creations from intercourse furniture benefits Liberator, the BonBon vibrator mount is a super trendy bed room addition. Made from sturdy foam, in addition has a waterproof and washable address of soft velour. It’s simply ideal for riding and grinding!

Did you understand that you could really turn your energy tools into intercourse devices?!

There are accessories nowadays you could affix to specific energy tools and transform them, alchemy-like, into pleasure products. They harness the effective functions associated with the tools to energy body-safe intercourse model accessories.

Of program, we suggest that you thoroughly clean said power tools beforehand to avoid damaging or infecting your painful and sensitive areas. It’s also a good clear idea to check if the accessory is compatible with your tools before buying!

If you’re game to give it a go, listed here are two accessories to get you started:

Drill Twister Vac-U-Lock Adaptor

The Drill Twister Vac-U-Lock Sex Machine Adaptor

This little bit of kit is designed to fit into a energy drill, where you’d often put a drill bit. The other end is a Vac-U-Lock plug, to which you are able to affix the selection of appropriate vibrator and acquire it rotating!

Reciprocating Saw Vac-U-Lock Adaptor

Vac-U-Lock Reciprocating Saw Attachment

This accessory is made for, you guessed it, a reciprocating saw. Remove the saw accessory and change it using this Vac-U-Lock plug, to which you are able to connect your preferred vibrator. The reciprocating motion functions just like a thrusting intercourse device!

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