How to Measure for a Chastity Cage

How To Measure For A Chastity Cage

How to Measure for a Chastity Cage

Want to discover how to measure for a chastity cage? If the clear answer is yes, then you’re about to set about your very first BDSM adventure! Therefore, it is essential to understand your chastity cage dimensions for the best chastity cage fit. So, i’m going to reveal you just how to properly determine for a chastity cage and reasoned explanations why chastity cage size is really crucial.

Types of Cages for the Right Chastity Cage Fit

Knowing how to measure for a chastity cage is simply as essential as discovering the right kind of cage for you. Whether you might be selecting your own personal cage or it is being plumped for by the Dom, there are many several types of chastity cages to pick from. As a outcome, the chastity cage sizing and ring sizes will change by product. So, below are a few for the several types of chastity cages available:

  • Steel
  • Plastic
  • Polycarbonate
  • Silicone
  • Leather
  • Open-sided
  • Closed cages
  • Inverted chastity cages
  • Electro-shock cages
  • Cages with urethral plugs
  • Cages with sounding rods

How To Measure For A Chastity Cage

Why Measure for a Chastity Cage?

Measuring for a chastity cage means that you receive a appropriate fit all over. Now, chastity cages aren’t supposed to be because comfortable as your preferred set of underwear. No, they truly are meant to be uncomfortable. However, the chastity cage fit must not cause abrasions, sores or take off blood circulation to your penis. Simply place, a chastity cage must be snug sufficient as not to allow for an erection.

How Should a Chastity Cage Fit?

A chastity cage is made with a band that encircles both the testicles while the penis. So, calculating for a chastity cage is essential. Secondly, the cage is meant to encase your penis, from base to tip, with just a small space most of the way across the shaft for ventilation. Thus, using the right chastity cage sizing, you ought to be able to pee and start every day. However, you ought not manage to attain an erection.

And that’s the complete concept of chastity, now, is not it?

Measuring for a Chastity Cage: Chastity Cage Size

Chastity cage measurements

What chastity cage size you purchase is dependent upon 2 chastity cage dimensions; the cage it self plus the band. Therefore, you’ll be calculating your penis length and girth to be able to obtain the perfect chastity cage fit. And don’t worry about it! Chastity cages appear in all sizes from little to big. That method, whether you might be quick and dense or long and slim, you’ll get the perfect chastity cage size.

The Importance of Ring Size

The chastity cage ring size is simply as essential since the cage size, or even more therefore. That is basically because the band encircles your penis and testicles. If the band is simply too little, it may stop blood circulation to both and cause permanent damage. Therefore, in obtaining the appropriate chastity cage dimensions, you’ll be determining the best diameter for the ring itself.

Now, the main reason for this will be that chastity cage bands are presented in a wide array of diameters for the right, safe chastity cage fit. Fortunately, numerous manufacturers are now actually making it simpler to obtain the right chastity cage suitable by including different sized bands in a solitary cage kit.

However, the greater amount of elaborate cock cage kits are a bit pricier. So, if you’re a chastity cage novice, you might want to keep consitently the price to a minimum and soon you understand the kind of cage you prefer well.

How To Measure For A Chastity Cage

Preparation and Supplies

Now, let’s demonstrate exactly how to measure for a chastity cage. First of all of the, you will need to be certain your penis is totally flaccid. It also assists for those who haven’t just taken a bath or been exposed to chilled water. Then, you will require the next supplies to obtain the right chastity cage dimensions:

  • Thick string or cordage
  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • A 12” (or bigger) ruler
  • Calculator (if you’re maybe not top at mathematics)

Remember, you’ll need a thicker string or period of cordage as chastity cage bands are dense. This simply helps to have a closer circumference dimension. Additionally, making use of a flat ruler for measuring is considered the most efficient way to obtain the appropriate chastity cage dimensions. That is basically because measuring tapes don’t lie entirely flat.

Step 1: Measure for Your Ring Size

Step 1 measuring for a chastity cage

The first faltering step in calculating for a chastity cage is to obtain the correct band size. So, ensure you are entirely limp – think about Aunt Ethel putting on absolutely nothing but help stockings – whatever needs doing. Then, just take a period of string and place it behind your testicles. Bring the sequence most of the method around till it satisfies towards the top of your penis.

Now, tie a free knot into the sequence, making certain it really isn’t too tight. You must be able to slip your pinky little finger beneath the sequence with small opposition. Next, when you’re sure the string is comfortable, make a mark regarding the one part for the knot with a marker. Then, carefully slice the string during the line you received. Finally, lay the sequence flat regarding the ruler, using the knot by the end.

You are in possession of the circumference. So, you require to divide that quantity by 3.14 (pi) and you’ll have the diameter, which will be the way you have your chastity cage ring size.

Chastity Cage Ring Measurement Tips:

It’s best to try this three times to be able to get the maximum benefit exact chastity cage band size. For instance, measure when each day, when at midday and once again later in the day. Since our anatomical bodies fluctuate in dimensions, with regards to the period, this may supply you with the most useful chastity cage suitable. Then, include all 3 dimensions together and divide by 3. Then divide that quantity by 3.14.

Step 2: Measuring for a Chastity Cage Length

Step 2 measuring for a cock cage

Now, you might be going to measure for your chastity cage size. Remember, you don’t wish any space to achieve an erection. Plus, getting the tip of one’s penis touching the finish for the cage makes urination easier and a great deal less messy! Again, be certain your penis is totally flaccid to get the very best chastity cage dimension.

Place the ruler under your penis, above your testicles and press it against your pubic bone tissue. Look straight down and note the size of your penis. Next, to allow a wee bit of respiration space, add ¼ to 1/2” to that measurement. That’s it!

However, as previously mentioned through the band dimension guidelines, it’s best to do that three times. Then, include those figures together and divide the full total by 3. This will provide you with the absolute most exact chastity cage dimension.

How To Measure For A Chastity Cage

Step 3: How to Measure the Diameter

Step 3 how to measure for a chastity cage

Finally, the final part of focusing on how to measure for a chastity cage is to assess the girth of one’s penis. This is to ensure you get the best chastity cage fit all the means around. Now, making certain your penis continues to be limp, just take a peek down there in order to find the thickest section of your shaft. Note which can be the center and even closer to the glands.

Next, while you did using the band dimension, use a bit of sequence to wrap across the thickest section of your penis. Tie a free knot, making certain it is possible to slip your forefinger beneath the sequence. Now, mark the string on a single part for the knot and slip it well your penis before snipping the sequence with scissors.

Finally, lay the sequence regarding the ruler, using the knot at the very top. Next, just take that quantity and divide it by pi (3.14) and you’ll have actually the diameter you will need to ensure the best chastity cage fit. Again, calculating for a chastity cage three times, then dividing that quantity by 3, will provide you with the absolute most exact fit.

Chastity Cage Measurements: The Foolproof Chastity Cage Size

Now you know exactly how to measure for a chastity cage, you will be yes whichever model you or your Dom chooses is going to be perfect. However, in case you’re a little stressed about your measuring and sizing, you will find chastity cage kits that provide you numerous band sizes. Therefore, so long as you get the penis dimensions appropriate, you are able to replace the bands for convenience.

The Man Cage Model 6 Chastity 5.5” Transparent Cock Cage

Man Cage Model 6

This chastity cage has a cage dimension of 5.5” long and features several bands and spacer pipes which means you also have probably the most comfortable chastity cage fit. Created from light fat polycarbonate, this cage permits for for hours convenience. Plus, the steel lock comes with a tie-wrap that prevents steel detectors from going off.

You may also purchase the Model Cock Cage in Model 4 which steps 4.5” or the Model 2 which fits penis measurements of 3.5”. The Man Cage can also be obtainable in medical-grade silicone models if you want one thing a bit softer and much more versatile.

CB 6000 Chastity Cage

How To Measure For A Chastity Cage

The CB 6000 Chastity Cage is another popular brand name for multiple reasons. First, this chastity cage comes in along with red, often a favorite plumped for by Doms. Secondly, the cage is constructed of medical-grade polycarbonate with a large slat which allows for mess-free urination. But most of all, the CB 6000 kit features a number of bands and spacers that assist the wearer get the very best chastity cage fit.

When You Know Your Chastity Cage Measurements and Want a Little More

Electrostim chastity cage

Once you’re finished measuring for a chastity cage and understand your size, you might want a little extra excitement than a easy plastic or steel cock cage. That is where these pleasure and discomfort cages come right into play. First, if you like to be totally managed and penalized by the key owner, test this electro-shock cock cage that may help keep you as well as your penis in line.

The Lovehoney Electroshock Electrostim Chastity Cage permits your Dom to give your caged cock an electrical surprise whenever she or he pleases. Plus, this kit is sold with a few band sizes in case your chastity cage dimensions or a wee bit off. But if you’re maybe not into this shocking kind of play, possibly you’d like a small sounding with your chastity cage.

For example, another item through the Man Cage line may be the Man Cage Chastity Cage with urethral noise for your pleasure/pain desires. This kit includes a close-ended, synthetic cage, steel and synthetic hair and lots of bands and pins to help you personalize your chastity cage fit. That method, you don’t have actually to purchase a new cage due to the fact your band size wasn’t calculated properly.

Measure Thrice and Do the Math for the Perfect Chastity Cage Fitting!

Measuring for a chastity cage is not hard to do and certainly will provide you with a appropriate fit. That is particularly real in the event that you measure 3 x at various periods through the day. Then you merely divide those 3 dimensions and perform some remaining portion of the mathematics. That method, your chastity cage could keep your penis restrained without reducing blood circulation or causing sore spots.

After all, your caging experience must be anything you need it to be! So, measure thrice and perform some mathematics for the right chastity cage fit.

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