How to Make a DIY Penis Pump

How To Make A Diy Penis Pump

How to Make a DIY Penis Pump

How to make 3 several types of do-it-yourself pumps from things you’ve probably throughout the house.

How To Make A Diy Penis Pump
DIY Penis Pump

Making your own personal DIY penis pump is relatively simple and certainly will be performed with products you’ve got throughout the house. For instance, when you have a 16.9-ounce soft drink container, a big water container, synthetic tubing and a brake bleeding kit or aquarium siphon, you are usually the majority of the way there. So, if you prefer to make a homemade penis pump, continue reading for 3 effortless, step-by-step tutorials.

But first, if you’d like to read more about penile pumps and exactly how to usage one correctly, all that info is available straight after my 3 tutorials.

We’ve additionally place a post together featuring top pumps available

Let’s get started!

DIY Penis Pump 1

DIY penis pump; photo showing a water bottle, drill, silicone sealant, plastic tubing and a automitive hand pump.
Just some regarding the supplies required to make a DIY penis pump

To create this penis pump, you’ll need the following supplies:

Supply List

  • Clear water container with lid
  • Hand held vacuum cleaner pump for automotive uses
  • Plastic tubing
  • Silicone (or any other leak evidence) sealant
  • Drill
  • Thick sponge
  • Strong duct tape (like Gorilla or Flex Tape)

Tips: When researching for a vessel to make your penis pump, use any plastic container, cylinder or container that most near fits your penis size. Water containers and synthetic storage containers are food-grade therefore, body-safe. Also, if you’re modestly endowed, the synthetic cylinder which comes within the brake bleeding kit is good for your DIY penis pump.

When choosing a pump, you should use various kinds from equipment, automotive, hypertension light bulbs and breast pumps. If it pulls air out and are attached to, or is sold with, synthetic tubing, it’s going to benefit this task.


DIY penis pump; photo of step 1 showing a hole being drilled into the bottom of a clear water bottle.
Step 1: Drill a hole within the base regarding the water container this is the exact same size whilst the synthetic tubing. Tip: Find the proper size drill bit by placing each bit in to the end regarding the tubing. Once you will find the bit that fits snugly, get to the next size up.

DIY penis pump; photo of step 2 tracing the mouth of the water bottle onto a large, yellow sponge.
Step 2: Grab your dense sponge. Flip water container over and locate the opening on the sponge. Sit the sponge apart while you will continue to work on that as the sealant is drying.

How to make a penis pump; photo of step 3 adding sealant to the end of the plastic tubing.
Step 3: Take the finish regarding the plastic tubing and layer the exterior 1/4 inches with clear sealant.

DIY penis pump; photo of step 4 placing the tubing into the drilled hole and using sealant to make it airtight.
Step 4: Place the finish for the tubing in to the opening which you drilled within the base regarding the water container. It should fit snugly. Then, atart exercising . sealant to the location in which the tubing gets into to create an airtight seal.

DIY penis pump; photo of step 5 showing the tube being propped up during the drying process.
Step 5: Lay water container on its part and prop the synthetic tubing up so that it seals in to the gap directly. Allow to dry according to the guidelines in your range of sealant.

How to make a DIY penis pump; photo of step 6 showing the circle of sponge after being cut out.
Step 6: Return to the sponge you traced early in the day. Using scissors, cut right out the middle simply beyond your circle drawn earlier in the day.

DIY penis pump instructions; photo of step 3 showing the center being cut from the circle of sponge.
Step 7: Using scissors, slice the center from the sponge, producing a donut form. Be yes and then leave a thick band as this can pad the opening regarding the penis pump.

Homemade penis pump; photo of a circular shaped piece of sponge with the center cut out.
This is the way the sponge piece should look.

DIY penis pump instructions; photo of step 8 showing a strip of sponge and scissors.
Step 8: Slide the circular little bit of sponge on the lips regarding the water container. Or, if it is too tight a fit, slice the group in a single spot to create a strip of sponge.

DIY penis pump instructions; photo of step 9 showing the sponge ring around the mouth of the water bottle along with a strip of duct tape.
Step 9: Place the little bit of sponge round the lips regarding the water container ensuring that there was sufficient sponge to fold over for each part. Next, cut a strip of strong, duct type tape. I utilized a popular infomercial brand name that won’t come loose easily.

DIY penis pump; photo of step 10 showing the sponge being taped down around the mouth of the water bottle.
Step 10: Pull the ends regarding the sponge together and tape the sponge band down in a single spot. Be yes and fold the sponge on the rim regarding the water container as you use the tape. Smooth the tape away on both the within together with outside the container.

DIY penis pump; photo of step 11 showing the sponge being taped down around the mouth of the water bottle.
Step 11: Continue using strips of tape round the bottle ensuring the they overlap and therefore are sealed securely against one another, the within together with outside the water container.

DIY penis pump; photo of the opening of the water bottle after all of the tape has been applied over top the sponge.
It should look something such as this when finished. Tip: You can spot a solitary strip of tape along the most notable to create a firmer seal regarding the tape. Yeah, it is perhaps not pretty, however it works!

DIY penis pump instructions; photo of the finished DIY penis pump.
Step 12: Slide one other end associated with tubing onto the automotive hand pump. Now, your DIY penis pump is prepared to use. Tip: If you’ve got a hard time producing suction, be sure the gap you drilled is sealed as well as that you’re pushing the opening regarding the pump securely against your system to create a satisfactory seal.

How To Make A Diy Penis Pump

DIY Penis Pump 2

Homemade penis pump tutorial; photo of a small soda bottle, drill, silicone sealant, aquarium siphon and serrated knife.
Here would be the supplies needed to create a homemade penis pump.

This home-made penis pump is a bit easier and very cheap. Here’s what you’ll require:

Supply List

  • 16.9 oz soft drink container
  • Siphon and tubing for seafood tanks (similar to this one)
  • Silicone (or any other leak evidence) sealant
  • Thick sponge
  • Strong duct tape like Gorilla or Flex Tape
  • Drill
  • Sharp, serrated blade or hand saw

Tips: You may use just about any container that fits your erect penis size closely. Just make sure and choose a container that is dense sufficient that the sides don’t collapse easily. This particular soft drink container has smooth, little bumps inside which will add a stimulating measurement to the feel with this DIY penis pump.


Homemade penis pump tutorial; photo of step 1 showing the bottom of the soda bottle being cut off with a serrated knife.
Step 1: Using the serrated blade, slice the base from the empty soft drink container.

Homemade penis pump tutorial; photo of a soda bottle with the bottom cut off.
Tip: Be sure the underside is cut because evenly as you possibly can as this is the finish that seals against your

Homemade penis pump directions; photo of step 2 showing a hole being drilled into the soda cap.
Step 2: Remove the limit through the soft drink container and drill a opening in the limit making use of a drill. Tip: To discover the appropriate drill bit size, destination drill bits inside your tubing unless you discover the bit that fits inside snugly. Then utilize the drill bit this is the next size up.

Homemade penis pump directions; photo showing step 3 and the application of silicone sealant to the outside of the tubing.
Step 3: Apply the sealant round the outside the tubing.

Homemade penis pump instructions; showing step 4 and the tubing being placed into the hole on the soda cap and being held into place by the sealant.
Step 4: Slide the tubing into the opening within the soft drink limit about 1/2 an inch. Then, use the sealant round the tubing regarding the inside and outside of this container limit. Set apart and permit to dry according to the guidelines regarding the sealant.

Homemade penis pump directions; photo of step 5 and the bottom of the soda bottle on top of a sponge and being traced around with a marker.
Step 5: While the limit is drying, just take the soft drink container and put it on a big, dense sponge. Trace round the opening with a marker.

Homemade penis pump tutorial; photo of step 6 showing the circle being cut out of the sponge using scissors.
Step 6: Using scissors, slice the group from the sponge simply beyond your line you received.

Homemade penis pump tutorial; photo showing step 7 and the center being cut out of the circular piece of sponge.
Step 7: Using the scissors, cut right out the within regarding the group of sponge, like a donut. Keep cutting unless you can slip the band of sponge round the base regarding the container without evoking the edges to bend.

DIY penis pump tutorial; photo showing step 8 and the ring of sponge placed around the cut opening of the soda bottle along with a strip of duct tape.
Step 8: Slide the band of sponge round the opening within the base regarding the container making sufficient sponge to fold over and protect the complete rim. Next, cut a strip of strong, duct tape which will create a drip evidence seal. We utilized an infomercial, well-known make of versatile tape.

DIY penis pump tutorial; photo of the sponge being folded over the edge of the bottle and taped down with a strip of duct tape.
Step 9: Begin folding on the sponge and taping it straight down using the tape. Be yes each piece overlaps the next together with tape is pressed down firmly.

Homemade penis pump instructions; photo of step 10 showing the tape added all the way around the cut opening of the bottle.
Step 10: Continue including the tape round the cut end regarding the container, producing a soft seal all of the method around.

Homemade penis pump guide; photo showing step 10 and the finished penis pump made from a soda bottle.
Step 11: Once the sealant regarding the limit and tubing is dry, screw the limit right back on as well as your do-it-yourself penis pump is prepared to use. Tip: in the event that you cannot produce a suction, be sure the tubing is sealed precisely and atmosphere tight. You can truly add more sealant and sometimes even seal the limit shut entirely.

DIY water penis pump; photo shows a blue, accordion style sink plunger and an orange car wash sponge.
This DIY water penis pump calls for no tools, is very effective and it is perfect for guys who tend to be more modestly endowed.

For this home-made penis pump, you simply require 2 products! This DIY pump is fantastic for guys who tend to be more modestly endowed. Caution: This pump produces an extremely effective suction and requires to be utilized utilizing the utmost of care!

Supply List

  • Accordion style sink plunger (similar to this one)
  • Large sponge


DIY water penis pump; photo showing step 1 and the plunger lying on it's side and a large, orange, car wash sponge rolled into a circle and placed inside the plunger bellows.
Step 1: Lay the accordion style sink plunger on its part. Roll a big, automobile clean sponge into a group and put it in to the plunger, pressing it because far in to the bellows possible

How to Use the DIY Water Penis Pump

  • Step in to the bath and permit the running water to saturate the sponge.
  • Place your penis in the sponge.
  • Place the opening regarding the plunger against your groin.
  • Holding the plunger handle, carefully push it toward your system. Water will escape.
  • Ease your hold regarding the handle and a suction ought to be developed.
  • If there wasn’t enough pull, duplicate the final 2 actions.
  • Hold in position until an erection is accomplished.
  • To launch the suction, just slip your hand underneath the lip regarding the plunger.

How To Make A Diy Penis Pump

Information You Should Know

Now that most regarding the do-it-yourself enjoyable is completed, let’s plunge into some information you require to understand before making use of a penis pump. For instance, penis pump tips, damage dangers and just how to use a penis pump are talked about, at length, below.

What is a Penis Pump for?

DIY penis pump; photo of a professionally made penis pump.

Although you see pumps detailed as adult toys for guys, they have been actually a therapy for impotence problems. You see, by putting your penis within the pipe and utilizing the pump to pull most of the atmosphere from the room, it brings regarding the penis in every guidelines. As a outcome, bloodstream rushes in to the bloodstream, producing an erection.

Next, when the erection is accomplished, you place on a cock band which can help you to keep up with the erection. Then, it’s possible to have sexual intercourse.

Medically, pumps assist the the greater part of males putting up with from impotence problems stemming from aging, diabetic issues, post-operative prostate remedies along with other medical and mental issues. Plus, it is far safer than medicines and surgery.

And, after training and regular usage, the arteries become available and much more receptive, enabling some males to regain normal intimate function.

Will a Penis Pump Make My Penis Bigger?

The jury remains away on whether or not a penis pump can make your penis larger. Certainly, while you’re utilizing the unit, your penis will likely be somewhat larger and more company.

Think from it like drawing a glass over your lips – we’ve all done that as young ones. Once you eliminate the glass, suctioned to your lips, your lips are puffy and possibly a bit red from the blood rushing to that area. Therefore, a penis pump works just as, increasing bloodstream flow temporarily.

And, just like guys that have bloodstream movement issues downstairs, starting the blood vessels more can enhance erection tone. However, you won’t see any dramatic enhancement within the size of the penis.

How To Make A Diy Penis Pump

Can We Hurt My Penis Using a Penis Pump?

Homemade penis pump; panis injury, photo of man holding his crotch.

Yes, you are able to injure your penis through the use of a penis pump. That’s why most medical experts recommend you merely utilize a penis pump a couple of days a week and just long enough to achieve an erection. Of program, guys with healthier penises can make use of a pump more frequently. However, you need to look out for these issues, according to Medical News Today:

Injury Warnings

  • Pain or bruising: Incorrect utilization of a penis pump may result in bruising and other painful injuries to the penis.
  • Burst bloodstream vessels: Small red dots, or petechiae, can take place underneath the epidermis associated with the penis.
  • Skin numbness, tingling, or discoloration: These signs may suggest that the constriction ring (cock band) is simply too tight. Using a larger band should assist relieve the pressure.
  • Unnatural experiencing erections: Some users report that their erections usually do not feel normal or spontaneous when working with a penis pump.
  • Lack of tone: This is usually many noticeable at the bottom associated with the penis.
  • Feeling of caught semen or painful ejaculation: A small cutout within the constriction band might help reduce these signs.
  • Psychological impacts: Having to stop to utilize a penis pump before intercourse may destroy the feeling for a few partners. Some individuals might also feel embarrassing or embarrassed about making use of a penis pump before intimate activity.

How to Use a Penis Pump

Using a penis pump is pretty straight-forward. But, in the event that you happen to be unusually bushy down here, you might want to manscape a bit to ensure that the penis pump opening creates a better seal from the epidermis. Otherwise, follow these simple steps:

  1. Lightly oil up your penis to prevent soreness.
  2. Place your penis in the tube.
  3. Press the opening against the skin.
  4. Use the hand pump to eliminate the atmosphere through the tube.
  5. Once an erection is accomplished, take away the pump and place on an erection band.

DIY Penis Pump Warning

Homemade penis pump; photo of a basic, professionally made penis pump

Here at Bed Bible, my priority is the health insurance and wellbeing. That is excatly why i suggest just making use of expertly manufactured adult toys, plus in this instance, a penis pump. When making use of any type of DIY adult toy, you operate the possibility of discomfort, damage or allergy symptoms. But i will be perhaps not your mama, consequently, it is your option to do anything you want along with your penis.

And, if which means making your own personal DIY penis pump and sticking your penis inside, that’s your organization. I am talking about, you are a grown-ass guy, right?

Technical, Release of Responsibility Stuff

i like sharing these DIY ideas and I also achieve this strictly for activity purposes only.

Therefore, to protect myself and the ones whom have your blog, i have to remind you that individuals have been in not a way accountable for any infection, damage or death which could happen to you or some body you understand due to the article in entire, or in component, and also by producing and making use of some of the DIY penis pump projects below.

That contains, but is not limited to physician or medical center visits, short-term, quick or long-lasting infection and/or damage, impairment and death. We usually do not suggest making use of any DIY adult toy, such as the pumps the following. If you create among the under tasks, you are carrying out therefore at your own personal danger. If you employ one of many DIY projects below, you are carrying out therefore at your own personal risk.

Finally, our company is perhaps not accountable for minors that find this post and learn about and/or create the DIY adult toy. We usually do not condone, endorse or enable individuals underneath the chronilogical age of 18 (or chronilogical age of bulk in a state or nation) accessing our web log. And, as web log owners, our company is perhaps not accountable for just what minors access. It’s mom and dad’s work to utilize parental controls.

There are Alternatives to Homemade Pumps

And, it will be reckless of me maybe not to give you alternatives to making your personal penis pump. Therefore, here’s some information in respect to purchasing safe, expertly manufactured pumps.

Where to Buy Penis Pumps

Penis pumps can be found throughout the internet – from adult toys stores to medical and devoted brand name websites. And, if you’re wanting to get hold of one now, many brick-and-mortar underwear and adult toy shops carry a reasonable selection.

Penis pumps may be cheap – starting at around $20 – and get because high as $300 for a super-deluxe, water driven pump. Several medical-grade, pumps have actually their very own devoted sites and those frequently run during the high end regarding the cost scale.

Get a Prescription

But please remember, when you have impotence problems and medical insurance, see a urologist in which he or she can prescribe a top-of-the-line pump. And, when you have good insurance coverage, you might perfectly get the luxury penis pump for free or at the very least for a low priced co-pay!

Don’t Forget the Erection Ring

DIY penis pump; photo of the Screaming O Ring O Pro silicone cock ring.
Screaming O Ring O Pro silicone cock band

Finally, if you’re hunting for a cock band, those are easier to find. Many retail areas, medication shops and big-box shops carry them within the household preparation sections close to the condoms. Or, you are able to purchase them online. This silky-soft, silicone cock band from Screaming O is $5.95.

Final Thoughts on Homemade Penis Pumps

I’m yes you discovered the right path to this DIY penis pump web log for just one or two reasons. One, for whatever reason you’re unable to purchase a penis pump; either due to economic constraints or perhaps you cannot purchase might be found in your nation.

And two, either you want assistance for impotence problems or would like stronger, firmer erections. All of the reasons are worthwhile.

Therefore, make sure and follow directions to be used very carefully and prevent making use of any penis pump if you have any discomfort, bruising, bleeding or rash.

But primarily, know that impotence problems is something a lot of men encounter for different reasons also it allows you to no less of a guy! Along with pumps, you can find a lot of amazing solutions available to you that work.

In addition, if you’re looking for a way to boost your penis size, we suggest you appear into penis workout programs aswell. Honestly, consider it. Working out defines muscles and builds power. Therefore, it just makes sense that a penis work out routine may make outcomes.

Comment, Email and Follow

In closing, many thanks for reading my web log and please, when you have any opinions or concerns, keep those within the opinions part or e-mail me personally. I sincerely love hearing from my visitors!

You may also follow me on Twitter for cool item shares – and a follow back. We also provide a Facebook web page where We share every brand new post along with other enjoyable information. For more DIY adult toys, browse my web log on DIY rectal intercourse toys and also the post on do-it-yourself ice dildos.

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