Chastity Games to Toy with Your Locked-Up Lover

Chastity Games To Toy With Your Locked-up Lover

Chastity Games to Toy with Your Locked-Up Lover

Whether you might be locked up long-lasting or enjoy a couple of days under lock and key in some places, chastity games are an effective way to include more excitement and amp up the feeling of expectation.

There are lots of grounds for making use of chastity products, but the majority of enjoy chastity play for the excitement of relinquishing control of the genitals to somebody else together with building expectation for when they’re finally released.

Many report that a stint in chastity may lead to some explosive sexual climaxes when they’re released, that isn’t astonishing considering all that built-up stress!

Choosing a Chastity Device to Use in Your Chastity Games

BDSM chastity games devices

Before you will get started with very first game, you’ll need to be sure you’ve got one thing to help keep you tightly locked up with no potential for escape — we’dn’t desire anybody breaking the principles now, would we?

No matter what genitals you might be displaying there’s a tool nowadays for you personally!

Devices cover anything from tame (ish) to torturous, therefore there’s a great range to select from. If you intend on putting on your unit for longer amounts of time, you may want to go after something softer and with more ventilation.

Here are my top picks for penis owners and vulva owners.

Cock Cages

Cock cages put your penis on an erection lockdown. The little, curved shaft hair to the band around your testicles, preventing you against getting a hard-on or at the very least which makes it really uncomfortable whenever you do!

Best for Beginners: Hunkyjunk Lockdown Elastomer Chastity Device

Chastity Games To Toy With Your Locked-up Lover

If you might be brand new to chastity play, it’s advisable to begin with one thing just a little softer to get utilized to the impression and strengthen your abilities over your erections. A little bit of brain over user resistance training!

This penis cage is made of a blend of silicone and elastomer, therefore it’s has a little bit of surrender it, however it’s still heavy enough to restrict any forbidden erections. It’s additionally a good choice if you’d like a cushty and discreet cage to wear for longer amounts of time. It is nearly like a bird cage, not in steel however. You also can start thinking about reading the Man Cage Chastity cage review.

More Advanced: CB-6000 Male Chastity Cage Kit

Chastity Games To Toy With Your Locked-up Lover

If you want an even more protected penis prison then a great penis cage with a lock is exactly what you’ll need.

When choosing a penis cage, seze does indeed matter, therefore ensure to measure your self precisely before purchasing your cage.

The CB-6000 Male Chastity Cage Kit will come in clear plastic in order to look you can’t touch — so cruel!

The padlock guarantees you won’t be escaping . for almost any sneaky enjoyable just before are allowed.

Chastity Belts for People with Vulvas

If you require to keep your vulva vaulted and locked away from any wandering arms or adult sex toys, then you’ll definitely require a lady chastity belt.

They frequently include a variable harness that covers either simply the vulva or the vulva and rectum.

Unfortunately, they aren’t quite as secure or practical as penis cages, because they interfere with utilising the bathroom, however they do look pretty amazing! Here are my top chastity belts for playing chastity games.

Best for Beginners: DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Lockable Female Chastity Belt

Chastity Games To Toy With Your Locked-up Lover

This sexy black colored chastity gear from Dominix Deluxe features two hair that may help keep you tightly locked up with no hope of sweet relief before the game states therefore. The harness is made of fabric with a padded gusset for additional convenience. The heart cut out could be the icing regarding the dessert, providing you along with your partner a teasing glimpse of this forbidden fresh fruit beneath!

More Advanced: Deluxe Female Chastity Belt, Pink Leather

Chastity Games To Toy With Your Locked-up Lover

Looking for more luxury? This Deluxe Chastity Belt from Stockroom will come in playful red or black colored and contains room for four hair (bought individually) to prevent any escape efforts!

Chastity Games To Toy With Your Locked-up Lover

Let the Chastity Games Begin!

Now you’ve got your gear, and you’re locked and prepared to play, the sole remaining step is to choose a casino game and acquire playing! These are only recommendations and all sorts of associated with the games are changed to work for you and desires. You may wish to allow it to be reduced or longer or find much more ways to tease and torture your spouse before you allow them to down!

chastity game key in ice

On Ice

This game is ideal for solos or partners and just calls for some fundamental props. To perform, place your input a container saturated in water place it into the fridge until it is frozen solid. When you or your keyholder determine some play time is regarding the cards, just take the frozen block and allow it melt to discharge the important thing. They state a watched pot never ever comes, however in this instance, it is a lot more like a watched block of ice never ever melts. You’ll be desperate with anticipation while you watch and wait, but be mindful maybe not to upset your keyholder though, or they could simply place it back the fridge!

chastity game dice

The Luck for the Dice

The sky is really the limitation with regards to dice-based chastity games and you will keep including brand new guidelines as your chastity play develops.
Here’s a straightforward one to allow you to get started. Take two dice. The first one chooses exactly how many times you might be locked up, so that it could possibly be 1 day or six with respect to the fortune associated with the roll! The roll decides just how many moments you’ll be permitted down for by taking the quantity regarding the dice and multiplying it by 10. If you roll a six, fortunate you — that’s a complete hour of freedom. Just wish you don’t move a single! You also can include a third dice/roll to determine what you’ll be allowed to do whenever you are released giving each number a specified activity (age.g., 1 = dental intercourse, 2 = penetrative intercourse, an such like).

quiz with clock

Keyholder Quiz

This could be the perfect means to indicate your devotion to your keyholder by showing exactly how you know them! Have your keyholder show up with questions regarding on their own you have to respond to. Each proper solution banking institutions lots of moments of freedom, but each incorrect solution takes moments through the bank. End up in minus points, also it’s up to your keyholder to decide your punishment!

chastity game treasure hunt

Chasity Treasure Hunt

If you adore the thrill of this chase and desire something a little more involved then have you thought to take to an attractive scavenger search which could lead to freedom! Have your keyholder show up with clues, riddles, or tasks you need to solve to have the next clue. This is a casino game that may keep going so that it’s up to your keyholder exactly how many clues you will find ahead of the last one. For even more anticipation, they could keep it a secret, so that you never understand if you should be nearby the end or otherwise not!

goals list

Goals, Goals, Goals

Tired of establishing yourself goals only to throw in the towel following the very first day or two? You could be more determined in the event that you knew sticking to them could you make your freedom! Each time you finish the goal, you make break of chastity, and every time you skip it — you guessed it — there’s a punishment! It could possibly be time removed or just about any punishment your keyholder deems appropriate. This is another game that’s perfect for solamente or partner play.

would you rather illustration

In a Predicament

If you adore the squirming indecision to be stuck between a rock and a difficult destination, then predicament chastity games will actually allow you to get going. Think from it as a cruel and kinky form of ‘would you rather.’ This is very enjoyable for keyholders whom love to be cruel. Make your captive choose from more hours in lockdown or an activity you understand they won’t enjoy. If you adore humiliation play, could be the game for you personally!

playing cards

Card Games

Cards are another great device for chastity games as you’re able to invent many guidelines. If you’ve ever played King’s Cup (a.k.a. Ring of Fire or Waterfall) then you definitely’ve got a ready-made chastity game! Assign each card an alternative intercourse work or spare time allowance and allow the cards decide! It’s still up to your keyholder to choose whenever a card could be selected though. Put the cards someplace you can view them for a few additional teasing!


Hide and Seek

Have your keyholder conceal one of the keys and allow search start! You make this as brief or if you like. For an instant game, allow your partner hide the main element someplace at home. Make it much more exciting by having them tease you when you search, upping the ante for choosing the key. For a lengthier game, increase your research area and also your keyholder fall you clues.


Get Out on Good Behaviour

This is chastity game is ideal for checking out domination and distribution plus it’s a win-win for both lovers. You have the pleasure to be locked up and pleasing your keyholder plus they have to be addressed like a King or Queen! You keyholder could make demands as you are able to choose to complete. It could possibly be any such thing from cooking them an excellent dinner to providing them with some outstanding dental intercourse! They must then mark your time and efforts away from 10 along with your rating corresponds to just how long you will definitely be unlocked for.


Climax regarding the Clock

If your keyholder is a stickler for time, then this may be a quick, fun game to play! When they decide to launch you, you should have a group time to orgasm, as well as for every moment you discuss time, you increase time right back in total vaginal lockdown. They really get to be as type or because cruel because they like right here!

What Can Chastity Games Add to Your Chastity Play?

While the excitement of chastity alone could be enough to make you tingling with excitement and wondering when you’ll get your following peek of freedom, chastity games can truly add an even more playful side to your times in lockdown.

Once locked in to your selected chastity unit the overall game chooses whenever you are released and perhaps also what you should be allowed to do.

In some circumstances which means you will end up answering to both your keyholder or Dom/Domme as well as the game for a double dosage of distribution!

  • Games could keep things more spontaneous which help you break away from routines.
  • They could be an effective way to begin with chastity play and take to one thing brand new with your spouse.
  • It might create it more enjoyable for the keyholder, particularly if that isn’t a job they specially enjoy or aren’t that confident in.
  • There are chastity games for solamente or partner play.
  • The part of possibility and fortune can truly add more excitement.
  • You may come up with games to meet your requirements
  • You are able to turn almost any such thing into a chastity game. Your imagination could be the only limitation right here!

Chastity Games To Toy With Your Locked-up Lover

Chastity Game Safety

Safe sane and consensual

We desire to involve some good, clean, kinky enjoyable and section of that is making certain everybody else included is held safe, therefore make certain to follow these directions for safe play.

  • Always proceed with the guidelines of safe, sane, sober, and consensual for both the keyholder as well as the individual into the chastity device.
  • Agree on boundaries and a safeword/signal upfront.
  • Always, keep an extra key as you are able to access in case there is crisis.
  • Makes certain to dry and clean your genitals and chastity unit regularly.
  • Regurlarly search for chaffing or discomfort and eliminate the unit if for example the epidermis becomes broken or irritated.
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