9 Best Sex Doll Positions

9 Best Sex Doll Positions

9 Best Sex Doll Positions

9 Best Sex Doll Positions for Ultimate Pleasure


These times, person adult sex toys like-sex dolls tend to be more well-known than in the past with a great deal of realistic choices to select. Although this is extremely interesting, i realize it may also keep people with a few concerns, particularly “how do I even use it?”. I have it, and therefore’s the reason why these days we’re looking at probably the most enjoyable jobs to utilize along with your intercourse doll — whatever kind you select — for optimum enjoyment. Therefore prepare since it’s time and energy to discuss a few of the very best intercourse doll jobs!


9 Best Sex Doll Positions

For this variety of intercourse jobs, I’ve damaged it on to three groups:


These tend to be bigger, heavier sex dolls that can overall look and feeling like a proper real time lover. They’re usually over 5 foot high and come built with anal, genital, and dental cavities which can be penetrated. In addition, these luxurious, often silicone intercourse dolls frequently have extra functions like clothes and wigs which will make your practical intercourse doll the lover of hopes and dreams.


Picture the full human anatomy intercourse doll without hands, feet, or a head therefore’ve got a sex doll body. These usually function tits along with genital and anal spaces and may feel very practical. Additionally, since they will be simply just the most readily useful intercourse doll torsos in the place of a complete love doll, they could be less heavy and simpler to go than the full human anatomy doll.


A life-size masturbator is normally just like a sex doll body but just through the waistline down. Understanding that, these masturbators cannot feature tits, nonetheless they routinely have both rectal and genital spaces. The top extra of life-size masturbators is the fact that they tend to be light, an easy task to keep, and are generally more straightforward to cleanse than torsos or complete human anatomy dolls.

As you read, remember because a situation is detailed as perfect for one kind of doll, you ought ton’t believe you can’t use it with another kind. One of the better reasons for having just about any intercourse doll may be the freedom to explore and attempt things completely, therefore please try any intercourse jobs that sound advisable that you you. 

Also, look for extra jobs on record, as several of those works both through the front side and from at the rear of! Today, let’s have right down to the 9 most readily useful intercourse doll jobs. 


For Comprehensive system Sex Dolls

Full human anatomy dolls tend to be enjoyable because, obviously, you’ll get the total human anatomy knowledge. Below you’ll find the best intercourse jobs to really make the first and foremost that epidermis to (faux) epidermis area. Know that, as a result of dimensions and body weight of complete human anatomy dolls, some jobs will need some work to help keep the doll balanced. When you learn how to most readily useful place your love doll for maximum security, it’s possible to take pleasure from it to its complete potential. 

Flying V

Want a situation this is certainly enjoyable, simple, and extreme? Go into the Flying V! lay your doll on its straight back with cushions under its sides for some height. Kneel in the middle of your doll’s feet and just take among the doll’s legs in each hand. This can permit you to support the feet large apart while thrusting. This place makes it possible for for very deep penetration along with a rather sexy view. Incentive: possessing the feet will provide you with some additional control to get difficult and deep while the character moves you.


Laid straight back Oral

Dreaming of a powerful, deepthroat-style blowjob? Wish participate in some no keeps banned face fucking? Contemplating an oral knowledge that however features the aesthetic stimulation of witnessing your doll’s sexy human anatomy outlined prior to you (with extra comfortable access into doll’s tits!)? After that this 1’s for your needs! Lay a doll, including the Bianca Extreme Ultimate Fantasy Doll on its straight back on a bed, workbench, dining table, etc, featuring its head-hanging from the side. This can place the doll’s dental tunnel within one long-line enabling you to push as difficult and deep while you desire. 

whenever stepping into this place, be familiar with the level of area you will be utilizing to be able to better line-up your doll’s lips along with your cock. For bedrooms being large or tables, you are capable pull this off while standing. For reduced areas, you will need to kneel, squat, or elsewhere adjust your level to have every thing in correct destination. 


Doggy Style

It’s a vintage for grounds. Dog design is sexy, flexible, and permits super-deep thrusting. Plus, you will find lots of from-behind variants to help keep you against getting bored stiff. For a normal doggy design knowledge, have actually a doll such as the genuine Mandy Sex Doll kneel at first glance of sleep (bedrooms tend to be much better than flooring right here because rubbing can harm your doll’s legs. In the event that you actually want to do so on the ground make sure to spot some thing smooth in doll’s legs). 

You may have your doll in a fundamental all-fours place or, for an even more intense knowledge (plus some additional security) you’ll deliver the doll’s mind and upper body right down to sleep on sleep. Kneel in the middle of your doll’s feet (dispersing the feet large will provide you with much better accessibility and present your doll some additional security) and keep the doll’s sides while you thrust. This place is ideal for sneaking in certain spanking also. 

Variations: if you’re liking the noise of doggy design and would like to explore various other choices, attempt flexing your doll over a table or even the supply of a couch. With regards to the level of sleep it is possible to check it out along with your doll kneeling at first glance of sleep, close to the side, therefore looking at the ground. 

Remember, these are merely recommendations. When making use of the full dimensions doll, you have got plenty choices. Essentially, when you yourself have thought carrying it out with a live person lover, you can look at it with a sex doll. The fact to understand all the time is, unlike a person, your doll won’t attempt to hold it self up/in place so that you should be alert to just how it requires to be situated to remain placed. The legs and arms makes it possible to out right here, as well as innovative usage of furnishings. 

For Sex Doll Torsos

Sex doll torsos permit you to enjoy a few of the advantages of the full human anatomy doll and never have to cope with positioning legs and arms. This permits one to utilize them in certain enjoyable techniques also to get optimum sexual joy away from perhaps the most elementary jobs. 



Missionary gets a bum rap. It gets known as humdrum and dismissed since also fundamental, nevertheless the thing is, it will not need to be like that, particularly when you have got a sex doll body to relax and play with! Utilizing a doll such as the PDX Plus Ideal DD’s Masturbator, put it upon its straight back on sleep (or flooring, or whatever floats your watercraft). The extra weight of body keeps it securely in position whilst you thrust away and since there are not any legs and arms to deal with, you’ll 100percent consider your sexual joy. 

For a little various, you’ll spot some cushions or a positioning wedge using your doll’s sides to carry all of them up a little. In addition, many torsos function both genital and anal spaces, to effortlessly test out just what seems most readily useful. 


Table top

This one is best suited with a table that sets your doll at approximately exactly the same level as the crotch, however it may also utilize a bench or ottoman if you’re kneeling. The point is, dining table Top is enjoyable since it keeps you upright while your doll is outlined prior to you, providing many thrusting control and a killer view, whether your doll is dealing with up or down! 

Lay a doll such as the LuvDollz Vibrating F**K friend upon a table (or workbench, ottoman, etc.) featuring its spaces put right within side of the area. This can be done along with your doll facing up or down, dependent on your inclination but keep in mind, the doll could be more steady on its straight back. Then you can certainly remain or kneel in-front and enter your doll vaginally or anally. 



Spooning is an attractive, personal place that often gets some difficult regarding in which everyone’s legs and arms get. This will make it a wonderful intimate place to use with a sex doll body such as the Jesse Jane life-size Doll Torso! Position your doll on its part. You should use props to keep your doll in position or cover your base supply across the doll to keep it near. From right here, you’ll enter the doll vaginally or anally, as well as your hands tend to be liberated to caress the tits, sides, plus. 

This place is great in case your intercourse doll’s body is on thicker part since you don’t must choose it and go it around. Additionally, keeping the doll in your area allows it to heat up making for an even more practical sensation. Incentive: this intercourse place can certainly be perfect for complete human anatomy dolls. Being forced to navigate the legs and arms could be trickier, nevertheless the great may be the legs and arms may also offer to keep the doll in position on its part. 

Sex doll torsos possess some advantages regarding simplicity, plus they could be lots of fun to test out. In addition, as numerous torsos feature both a butt and tits, they keep carefully the aesthetic stimulation going and even though they don’t have actually complete systems. 


For life-size Masturbators

Life dimensions masturbators would be the lightest & most lightweight of intercourse doll choices (while some of people with elegant functions could be quite significant!) and therefore makes for a few really enjoyable intimate place options! 


Speed Bump

Speed bump is a-deep penetration back entry intercourse place. Put a masturbator such as the PDX Elite dairy myself Silly Masturbator in Brown on sleep and place your self along with your legs distribute aside. Penetrate the masturbator either vaginally or anally and enable yourself to-fall ahead, resting weight within the doll. From right here you’ll push difficult and deep or go with lengthy, sluggish shots. 



This may not be initial place to come quickly to mind once you consider a life dimensions masturbator but, regarding convenience, it creates lots of good sense. With many intercourse dolls, positioning all of them over you is a little of a balancing work that needs one to hold all of them in position anyhow, so just why maybe not make that a little simpler and allow your lifetime dimensions masturbator trip you? 

Lie on the as well as place your masturbator. Along with your practical the intercourse toy’s waistline you’ll get a grip on just how it moves you can also hold it however and push away! I suggest a masturbator this is certainly sexy from either part (some have actually an appartment straight back that is advantageous to security in various jobs although not perfect for an attractive doll above knowledge) such as the LuvDollz Vibrating spread-eagle crotch & Ass. This can permit you to deal with the adult toy either in course (for conventional and Reverse Cowpoke) and continue maintaining an attractive view. 


Snug Bug

This doggy design difference is fantastic for a quick, intense knowledge and is best suited with something which had been made for back entry play such as the Extreme F**k myself Silly Mega Masturbator. Put the doll on sleep right-up contrary to the side so its butt is dealing with you. Then you can certainly remain (or kneel dependent on sleep level) and pound your path to ecstasy. 

If you’re looking for a sex doll of your personal, take a look at  Pink Cherry’s variety!


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